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For one thousand years the Sith have hidden.  Their loss against the Jedi at the Battle of Ruusan split the remnants of their Dark Empire.  Darth Bane believed he was the only Sith to survive and declared a new edict, the Rule of Two, a Master and an Apprentice.  Unknown to Darth Bane the Spirit of Darth Ravage survived, as did a small community of Sith Lords on the remote world of Mondeon.

See Legacy of the Sith for more details

Now, the Empire is ruled by a Sith Master, Darth Sidious, and his apprentice, Lord Darth Vader, descendants of the lineage of Darth Bane.  Yet they are not the only Sith to survive to the present day.  The Mecrosa Order in the Tapani Sector has secretly kept the Sith ways alive for a millennia, although the existence of the Mecrosa Order itself is disbelieved by many.  Now the time has come for the Sith Lords to unite their forces against a common foe, the pretender to the throne of the Sith Empire, Darth Sidious and his treacherous apprentice Darth Vader.  The three most powerful Sith Lords of the time have come together to reform their Sith Empire, yet there is another.  

An ancient prophecy handed down from Darth Ravage claims that a Dark Lady of the Sith will rise to power, becoming the most powerful Sith ever.  Who is this mysterious Dark Lady, and is it her time to step from the shadows?



Governor Chavekk

Dark Lord of the Sith

Four thousand years before the Battle of Yavin Captain Chavekk was an officer working for the Republic with a distinguished career.  Now, with the Republic fallen and the Empire ruling the galaxy it is the same Chavekk that governs the small world of Aldis.  How Chavekk has lived for over four thousand years, or how he became to be a powerful Sith is still a mystery.  Chavekk is as a now an evil twisted man.  He plots to overthrow the Emperor, yet despite his great power he does not have what it takes to overpower the Sith Master.  Chavekks own powers are kept a secret, although it is known that he is a powerful telepath with powers of mind control.  Something of interest is Chavekks reflection.  When seen through mirrors Chavekks image appears translucent, though he has never give reason for this, or allowed any evidence of this to exist.



Lord Drax

a.k.a. Grand Admiral Kaine

Kaine is an enigma and a mystery.  Drax, a cloaked and masked Lord of Tapani House Mercett.  They are one and the same yet the two are distinctly individual personalities.  It is a still a mystery how Kaine holds the title of Grand Admiral, as this is a title on the Emperor himself can grant, as he is not one of the listed twelve Grand Admirals.  Grand Admiral Kaine was given command of the Sovereign Star, a Super Star Destroyer that would fall into the hands of the renegade clone Emperor, Sovereign Palpatinne.  For many months Kaine apparently opposed the Empire serving The Sovereign.  With the Sovereign now dead Kaine returned to Coruscant, only to return to Tapani commanding the Imperial forces there.  Kaine is now ready to revels himself as Lord Drax as he prepares to vie for the title of Dark Lord of the Sith.



a.k.a. The Blood Emperor

Beyond the Blood drift is a distant immense sector of space under the rule of the powerful Blood Emperor.  The alien origins of Phantillios are still clouded in mystery.  It is believed that he and his half-brother, the now deceased Phantillian, came from the pocket dimension of Otherspace.  Phantillios was at one time imprisoned in what can only be described as a demi-plane of hell.  He was inadvertently freed by the Jedi Master Savant (due to her misunderstanding of the change in the physical laws of the demi-plane).  Phantillios formed the Blood Council that rules the Blood Drift.  The Blood Council have an alliance with the Empire, though neither Emperor would not think twice in destroying such an alliance if it benefited their own needs.



Adventure Outline

After staging her own death Lady Savant of House Pelagia has fled the Tapani Sector.  Aboard the Firestar III, commanded by Admiral Minhg of the Rebel Alliance the Pelagian Lady is being taken to a secret location.  This is halted when a priority transmission is sent to Admiral Minhg.  Minhg is instructed to pick up a Rebel scout and follow his instructions.  This is a priority command from Alliance HQ under advisement from the Force Alliance.

The rebel scout turns out to be a Hoojib, Pliferon, grandson of the Hoojib leader, The Great Plif.  Pliferon speaks of an ancient treasure, the Statue of Karnak.

Pliferon tells the story, "It is said that the statue of Karnak is much like a Sith Holocron, but much more.  It grants whoever possess it great power, but causes them to commit great evil.  It was discovered 400 years ago by miners mining the Karnak planetoid.  The planetoid was at first believed to be just a large rock in space, until remains of a city were found deep inside.  The conclusion therefore was that this was the remnant of a long collapsed planet.  The miners found a perfectly preserved temple, and the statue.  As soon as they found it squabbling begun in the group.  One by one they killed each other until the sole remaining miner took the statue and disappeared.  It is said that he became a Sith, imbuned with Dark Side energies, and that one day his descendants will use the statue to bring a terrible evil to the galaxy."

Minhg points out, "What a load of superstitious nonsense.  If the sole surviving miner disappeared who was left to tell the story?!"

Pliferon says that a statue resembling the Statue of Karnak was recently sold on a black market auction on Bespin.  (frowns all round, rare Sith statue sold at auction)

PC's travel to Bespin Cloud City and learn that there was an item matching the statues description that sold for an undisclosed amount. The buyer bid by proxy.  The buyers ship can be traced, it was registered to a smuggler who chartered his ship from the planet Aldis.  

Meanwhile on Pelagia, Lord Aragorn and Sir John Lynch meet with Governor Chavekk, of Aldis, to discuss a business deal.  Mention is made of Lady Savants death.  During the visit Lady Savants house is broken into by a strong and powerful assailant.  A Vampire, though this is unknown to the PC's.  He was seeking information that may prove her to be alive.

The rebels with Lady Savant travel to Aldis to search for the statue, where the hunt leads to the mansion of Governor Chavekk.  What is a surprise is the appearance of Lord Drax and the Blood Emperor, Phantillios.  Chavekk does indeed possess the statue, but the biggest surprise to the invitation to Lady Savant for her to join them.

The Statue of Karnak, or precisely, the Statue of Ravage, is a tool for selecting who will be the next Dark Lord of the Sith.

Will it be Governor Chavekk?  Phantillios?  Lord Drax?  Or will the prophecy come true, and reveal Lady Savant to be the Dark Lady of the Sith.

To complicate matter more, Lady Savants death is being investigated by agents of the Emperor.  Agents who are already on Aldis, and seek to kidnap the Pelagian Lady with her unborn child.



Lady Savant arrives safely on Aldis and eventually traces the statue to Governor Chavekk, with his manor house being easy enough to find.  After a small confrontation with a group of Vampires Lady Savant and her associates enter the estate where they are met by Lord Drax., who would reveal his true identity, that of Grand Admiral Kaine, to Lady Savant.  Lord Drax invites Lady Savant to join him, but she refuses.  Lady Savant is however forced to comply when The Blood Emperor appears and threatens the lives of Lady Savants associates.  Entering the manor house of Governor Chavekk Savant learns that she is one of the four chosen ones.  She is Sith.  The Statue of Karnak is merely a tool to select the next Dark Lord of the Sith.  A glowing light emits itself from the statue and the chosen one is Chavek (GM note: this choice was random by rolling a D4).  Savant may not have been chosen as the Dark Lady, but her life is now becoming even more complicated.  Lady Savant is a a Jedi apprentice, Sith Lord, and the High Lady of House Pelagia who is believed dead by a great many people including the Empire and her own family.