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Vulcan Tea   Luciens Beer  



Tulaberry Wine   Klingon Warnog
Slugo Cola   Earl Grey Tea
Saurian Brandy   Blood Wine
Romulan Ale   Andorian Ale
Raktajino   Alderbaran Whiskey
Prune Juice      



Berik's Bar Encounters

A diplomat is on board the USS Dudley and shows affection for a member of the crew (this could be even better if it's Lxwaxana Troi)

A new alien drink has an strange effect on a member of the crew.  It could make them violently drunk, could be poisonous, make them amorous or some random weirdness.

An alien artefact is left on a table, no one knows who it belongs to or what it is.

A couple of crew members come to blows and have to be restrained.

An alien appears.  Why?  Who are they?  Are they malevolent?  Or have they simply dropped in for a drink?

Love-sick crewman.  Are they too shy to approach the object of their desires?  Have they been rejected?  Maybe the difference in rank is causing issues.

It's a time for celebration.  A crewman's birthday.  Maybe a wedding.




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