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U.S.S. Dudley

NCC - 1971


Returning to Starbase 416 the crew start feeling unwell, and questions start to arise about their previous mission.


The crew must return a derelict Federation Starship back to space dock for decommissioning.


History threatens to repeat itself when new technology similar to the Genesis Device is stolen.


A moon is falling from orbit and threatening an un-contacted world.  Can the crew save the planet without breaking the Prime directive, made more difficult with the appearance of a Ferengi starship.


Searching for the missing USS Coventry on the remote world of Zeta Alpha VI the crew discover a strange phenomenon that could threaten all life.

  A Christmas Special


introducing Captain Siskmeow

The USS Dudley hosts Ambassadors en route to a Caitian colony.


"Logan 33"

Contact is made with the planet Logan as they bid to join the Federation.


"Live long and prosper"

Missing Ambassadors and an strange planet that shouldn't exist.


"We are Borg."

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