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  3D Chess

3D Chess is a variant of the old Earth game Chess; easy to learn, a lifetime to master. It was a favourite of Commander Spock aboard the Starship Enterprise.

Skill: Command + Reason












A Holo-table is computer table capable of projecting a variety of hologram games.

Skill: various


Dabo is a roulette-style game of chance developed by the Ferengi and used predominantly for gambling. The Ferengi would often employ Dabo Girls, like Leeta of DS9, to manage the Dabo Table, and to distract players who may be winning too much.

Skill: Command + Daring



Tongo, a Ferengi gambling game played between two to eight players that combines cards and a roulette style table.

Skill: Command + Insight



Dom-jot is a game played on a table with balls and a cue, very similar to the Earth games of billiards and pool, but with an added element similar to pinball.

Skill: Security + Daring


Kal-toh is a Vulcan strategy game. It can be played solitaire or by multiple individuals.
According to Tuvok os The USS Voyager, the object of kal-toh is "not about striving for balance but about finding the seeds of order even in the midst of profound chaos." A kal-toh set consisted of a number of playing rods called t'an.  The object of the game is to turn the jumble of rods into a perfect sphere.

Skill: Command + Reason


Kadis-kot is a game played with coloured hexagonal pieces on a hexagonal board played between two or more players.

Skill: Command + Reason



Strategema is a two player game played on a holographic table with players attaching control devices to their fingers. Game pieces to change the colour of the panels to the assigned colour of the player while the opponent attempted to do likewise.

Skill: Security + Control

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