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Pets are very much a part of the Star Trek universe; Data's cat, Captain Picards fish and Miles O'Brien's tarantula are but a few.  So long as the pet in question is not overly dangerous or could cause potential harm to the vessel crew are permitted pets.  A Sehlat, like Spock's childhood pet, is probably too large to keep on a starship.

Cat are predatory mammals from Earth.  The smaller domesticated cats are often kept as pets.  A cat  can be aloof, caring, skittish, daring, arrogant and loving, apparently all at the same time. 

Lt. Commander Data's pet cat Spot is probably most famous cat in star Trek.



Claws: melee 1

Trait: Cat - Gain extra die for jump and climb checks.  Unlike many pets a cat cannot be given instructions, oh it understands, but it will choose to ignore whatever you tell it to do.

Stress: 08

A waul is a small, furry cat-like animal native to the planet Moauv. The Moauvian Ambassador Oavid had a pet waul named Ewass.

A Waul had long claws, brown fur, large yellow eyes, pink ears. Waul are Telepathic, capable of telepathically projecting their emotions into others, although this can be overwhelming for those receiving the feelings of the Waul.

TOS audiobook: Passage to Moauv

Claws: Melee 1

Trait: Telepathy.  This is just an instinct, projecting the feelings of the Waul.  Those nearby need to make a Difficulty 2 Control + Security or start to act based on the feelings they are recieving.

Stress: 08

Alfa 177 canine

The Alfa 177 canine (left) was a species of dog native to the planet Alfa 177. It was very similar to an Earth dog, with the exception of a horn on its head, a scaled backbone, and thin gold antennae sprouting from its head.

TOS: The Enemy Within

The most prominent dog in Star Trek is Porthos (below), the pet Beagle of Captain Archer from Enterprise.


Bite: Melee 1

Trait: Canine. Canines of all breeds can be trained like other canines and may re-roll any smell based check.

Stress: 07




See Mission Log for character stats where available

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