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Talos IV


Star Trek appearances
"The Cage"
"The Menagerie, Part I"
"The Menagerie, Part II"

"If Memory Serves"

Homeworld of the telepathic Talsoians. The planet supports life. It has a rocky surface but still has many forms of plant life including the Talosian singing plant.

The Federation imposed General Order 7 on Talos IV.
This order prevented anyone from approaching or making contact with the planet, under penalty of death.

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Terraxia IX


Star Trek appearances

Terraxia IX is a small rocky world that falls within the boundaries of the Federation, yet are not a member race.

The primary export from the world is ores and minerals, many of which were once used in early Impulse engines. This made the planet very rich, until technology moved one and their produce was no longer required. The Terraxia IX economy collapsed, and their world became a haven for smugglers and pirates. The Tellaxians themselves continue with their daily work, now only supplying up and coming civilisations and repairing the old ships that many pirates are running.

The atmosphere of the planet is a harsh one containing many gases which are poisonous to many life forms, including humans. Breathing the atmosphere for a short time will cause sore throats and loss of breath, for longer periods a breath-mask/filter is required.

The planet itself is a rocky one with little surface water, most water is found in underground caverns. The surface from afar appears cracked, with huge crevasses and canyons running around the planets surface. It is in these canyons that the Terraxian settlements are built, into the canyon walls.


"Moons of Latinum"

Star Trek appearances

A temperate world with a breathable atmosphere and comfortable climate. Vast seas, open grasslands, forests and rocky hills cover this beautiful world.
The people have no technology and are protected by 'the goddess who walks amongst us' who address herself as Aphrodite, the one and same who was worshipped on Earth several thousand years ago.
Zeta Alpha VI

"Infinite Evil"

Star Trek appearances

Zeta Alpha VI is an extremely remote work in the Alpha Quadrant. If is a harsh and
vicious world. It's atmosphere is ravaged with intense electrical storms.
It's surface is covered with dense jungle which has deadly fauna and flora as well as being home to many dangerous creatures.
The most interesting feature on the planet is a pit which is believed to be a link with the Anti-Matter universe.


"Straus of Death"

Star Trek appearances

Felix is a Caitian colony in the Alpha Quadrant.
The USS Dudley transported several ambassadors here where they saved the planet from a planet-eating alien cloud.
The crew never landed on the planet, but it is a temperate pleasant world of rolling hillsides and green pastures.



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