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The new Doctor Who wargame, EXTERMINATE! by Warlord games is a fun new way to experience the Doctor Who Universe.  The Starter set gives you maps and figures to play our battles between DALEKS and CYBERMEN.  It also includes stat card for other characters including Judoon, Zygons and Silence as well as The Doctor and several of his recent companions.


  Dalek guide

  Character Guide



Doctor Who Role-Playing Game

Originally titled Adventures in Time and Space, it is simply now Doctor Who Role-Playing Game and is published by Cubicle 7.  The game covers all eras of Doctor Who with sourcebooks available for all Doctors with stats for every alien and character in the entire series right back to An Unearthly Child.

The rules are simple and allow you to play as The Doctor and his companions or create your own characters and Time Lord.



Click on the TARDIS console to travel across time and space...

Adventures Campaign Setting Non-Player-Characters Player-Character


Adventures in Time and Space : POTTER WHO


 Doctor Who : D6 & D20


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