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Shaak Life - Part 1


The adventure properly started this week with the crew of The Last Archangel taking their cargo to Geonosis.

An astrogation mishap leaving Bespin threw them into the asteroid field near Hoth and their ship took some serious battering before they escaped only to then get boarded by Imperial customs. Fortunately the Imperials did not recognise that some of the droid parts they were carrying were in fact highly illegal, but fined them for lack of ship manifest.

They met their contact in a shady cantina called The Hive, but upon returning to their ship several thugs had broke into their ship. The thugs were fought off, but a shady looking Devronian who had been skulking at the back of the bay escaped. Oddly the thugs had taken nothing but had opend wall panels and cut open seat cushions while apparently ignoring their cargo.

Were the thugs looking for something?
Who was the previous owner of The Last Archangel?
And who was the Devronian?


Shaak Life - Part 2


The PCs were in The Hive, a large disreputable bar on Geonosis, touting for business. Chatting to a barmaid they learn their ship, The Last Archangel, may have a reputation and they learn the previous owner was a flash gambler and smuggler named Demarco.

Eventually they make contact with a Dressellian smuggler and his Gran associate, Callahan and Rees Yum, who are looking to shift a cargo of livestock, Shaak from Naboo.

A deal is struck whereby the PCs will take the Shaak to the planet Garqi to trade, Rees Yum will go with them. Garqi is an agricultural world, but a recent out break of a virus has decimated their livestock and they are in the business of importing. However, the Empire has levied a 150% import tax on all livestock. Shifting the Shaak for the required 150,000 should not be a problem, but without proper documentation all contact with authorities will have to be avoided.

The trip to Garqi is uneventful. While it only takes 12 hours the ship is already beginning to smell like cattle.
Arriving at Garqi the PCs see the Empire has a Carrack cruiser in orbit and two TIE fighters head in the direction of The Last Archangel. With some expert piloting the PCs lose the TIEs and make an undetected landing on Garqi near a small farming town.

One PC waits on the ship while the other go into town. There they meet Giles who then goes away to acquire some funds. As the PCs sit in the bar waiting four men, one is Giles, the leader a Duro, approach the PCs.

At The Last Archangel four heavies turn up. Here’s where the fun begins…


Shaak Life - Part 3


Trying to sell their smuggled livestock on Garqi gets the attention of the local Mayor, Gavik, who is little more than a thug who is in league with the local Imperial Governor. After a confrontation there is a shoot-out in the cantina but Gavik escapes.

The group make plans, then realise that a protection/smuggling rackett is information they could make credits from, especially if such information were to get to the Hutts.

Before they can meet up with Barney (the Trandoshan PC) who was in the ship one of the PCs, the doctor, gets kidnapped. Okay, this was a plot influenced from Firefly episode ‘Safe’. The doctor is wanted to heal some sick locals who Gavik has kicked out of the town, it turns out the disease that wiped out the livestock may be spreading to humans, and Gavik is behind it.

The doctor chooses to leave The Last Archangel and stay to help the sick* while the rest of the party head to Tatooine to inform the Hutts about Gaviks operation.

  • Player decided his PC wasn’t working so this was a good opportunity to write him out without killing him off. A new crew member will join The Last Archangel next time.


Shaak Life - Part 4


The Last Archangel lands in Mos Shuuta and the crew head to meet Wonga the Hutt who has taken over the town from Teemo.

The PCs trade information about Gavikk, the unscrupulous Mayor on Garqi who is making money from smuggling, but cutting out the Hutts. For the info they want Wonga to help them sell their cargo of livestock.

While Wonga the Hutt considered his options he put on some entertainment, a Duro slave was made to fight a Nexu in the Palace gladiator arena. The Duro put up a good fight but eventually lost, and lost an arm in the fight before Wonga had the Nexu dragged off.

Impressed with the Duro, who was a Bounty Hunter sold to the Hutt as a slave, Wonga offers him a deal. Work for Wonga and kill Gavikk,and in turn the Hutt would help him get revenge on those that sold him as a slave. The Duro agrees and joins The Last Archangel crew.

Arriving back at Garqi The Last Archangel in intercepted by two TIE Fighters. A space battle commences but the smugglers destroy the TIEs and then head to the planet.

Returning to the planet Garqi the PCs make an alliance with the Outcasts and the farmers and prepare to assault the mansion owned by the corrupt mayor Gavikk.

The PCs get betrayed by one of the farmers and head into a trap. But they go in guns blazing and in a final shoot-out Gavikk is killed.

It’s now down to Wonga the Hutt to hammer out a deal with Imperial Governor Aulus Niall.


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