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Warriors of Gar Campaigns

+5 Beyond the Blood Drift  
Now set post-Return of the Jedi.  Tetris Bloodaxe vies for control of the Empire, can anyone stop her?
+1 The Empire
+1 D-X Wildcats - Bounty Hunters
+1 Shadows of the Force   
+1 Rebel Alliance Legends - SAGA Ed.
+1 Warriors of Gar Legends  - WEG D6 
+1   Tapani Sector
+1 Project: Stargate
-2 Fragments from the Rim
-3000 Knights of the Old Republic 
-4000 Tales of the Jedi
-4000 Knights of the Old Republic - Club Squirrel
CLUB SQUIRREL Campaign set shortly after KOTOR.
-25000 Foundations of the Republic
n/a New Bloodaxe Order
n/a Dungeons & Dragons  
n/a Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space 

 Chronicles of Gar - adventure synopsis

 Sithspawns Forums - Campaign Logs


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