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Beyond the Blood Drift, post-ROTJ



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The New Order

The Emperor and Darth Vader are Dead!

The Rebel Alliance has delivered a mighty blow against the Galactic Empire.  The second Death Star and the Super Star Destroyer Executer have been destroyed, the Imperial fleet and government thrown into turmoil.

Arise the Imperial Remnants, the Warlords, the Galactic Alliance, the Hutt Syndicates, New Sith Order and... TETRIS BLOODAXE!

Imperial Remnants The Warlords New Galactic Republic
High-Commissioner Sleer High Grand Admiral Caligula Mon Mothma
Grand Moff Ravikk Bloodaxe Grand Moff Ardus Kaine Admiral Akbar
Grand Admiral Thrawn High General Zaaine-zor General Crix Madine
Grand Moff Disra Ysanne Isard Princess Leia Organa
Admiral Vale   Commander Luke Skywalker
Moff Augustus    
Admiral Xoth    
New Sith Order Blood Empire Hutt Syndicates
Chavekk Tetris Bloodaxe Drongo the Hutt
Admiral Kaine / Lord Drax The Dragon Guard Durga the Hutt
  Moff Tavira Kochang
  Silas Fel  
  Admiral Daala  

  Imperial Remnants

Those loyal to the Empire form the Imperial Remnants.  When the Emperor died news spread quickly across the galaxy.  The Empire had to act quickly to retain control as rebellious planets tried to throw off the shackles of Imperial domination.  A few worlds did free themselves, but it was with the iron fist of Imperial doctrine that held the Empire together despite it's dissenters.

Strong military rule was need to maintain space superiority, yet it was COMPNOR that rose to the forefront to maintain bureaucratic stability.  In particular Commissioner Sleer.  She appointed herself High-Commissioner of COMPNOR and is now effectively acting as Emperor-Elect.  She has maintained her COMPNOR office, not wanting to seem over-eager to move into the Royal Palace just yet.  But her guard has tripled from the days when her name was unknown.  And already COMNOR tightens it's grip on Imperial control.

  The Warlords

With the Empire without a figurehead and no direct descendant to take control many high ranking officers took matters into their own hands.  some tried to seize control of the Empire, thwarted by COMPNOR.  While others took control of sectors already under their command and declared independence.  The Warlords tend to be unstable and power-mad.  They command through direct military might with most wanting to expand their sphere of control and all with desire to rule the Empire.

  New Galactic Republic

The former Rebel Alliance form an official government with the intention of replacing the Galactic Empire, although this governments power is refuted by the Imperials.  The planets declaring allegiance to the New Republic grows by the day. 

However, not all those in the Rebel Alliance agreed with the ways of the Old Republic and only joined to oppose The Empire.  These Republic Rebels oppose the New Republic Privy Council and demand a new council be formed.  While not enemies to the New Republic the Rebels could prove a problem to any New Republic claims to government.

  New Sith Order

For over a thousand years the New Sith Order has waited.  They hid themselves from Darth Bane, refusing to accept his Rule of Two, waiting for their time to strike.  Chavekk had become a power politician in the Republic and the Empire, but his real power was in deals with the Hutts.  In secret he has built a star-fleet of Sith Battle Cruisers crewed by slaves provided by the Hutts based on promises of future power. 

  Blood Empire

Formed millennia ago Beyond the Blood Drift, a part of the Extra-Galactic spanning Empire of Ares, currently under the rule of the Queen of Gar, Blood Empress Tetris Bloodaxe.  The Blood Empire has an army of Dragon Guard warriors at it's bidding and a fleets of warships built for Ares, the God of War.  With the Emperor dead the megalomaniac Tetris Bloodaxe sees her opportunity to take over the Empire.  But she is not alone.  Not content with COMPNORS rule of the Empire, and not strong enough to seize power like the Warlords, several high ranking Imperials seek to ally themselves with the Blood Queen, and more more importantly, Ares.

  Hutt Syndicates

Whenever there is an opportunity the Hutts are there to exploit it.  And with the Empire in disarray the Hutts see an opportunity to expand their criminal underworld.  But there is more to the Hutt Syndicates than crime, several clans have made an alliance with the New Sith Order and are behind their building of a star fleet.


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