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Castle Bloodaxe
The Kingdom of Bloodaxe is located to the south of Darkhammer.  The Kingdom is relatively small in wet, bog ridden land.   In recent years Castle Bloodaxe had fallen into disrepair, and was far from safe from attack.  In recent time Castle Bloodaxe has fallen three times.  First Tetris Bloodaxe overthrew her father, then Grand Moff Bloodaxe, technically the true rightful heir to the throne, took the throne from his granddaughter using the might of the Empire.  When the Imperial forces withdrew Tetris took back her throne.

Despite one incident of a tank driving through its walls (which Tetris warns everyone not to ever mention) developments and repairs are going well.  An outer wall, with an outer city wall also being constructed, now surrounds the old castle.  Once completed this could make Castle Bloodaxe the strongest fortification on Gar, a position currently held by Castle Lexgar.

The most impressive, and terrifying, feature of the castle is it's dungeons.  Castle Bloodaxe boasts the largest Torture Chamber in all of Gar


Garrison Castle Bloodaxe
Type Dilapidated Castle
Scale Walker
Body Strength 1D
Structure Points 6


4 Defensive Cannons

(Walker scale)

Fire Control: 2D Damage: 3D


Army 4,000
Knights 100
Dragon Riders 2


Dire Marshes to the north
Castle Bloodaxe lies in the heart of the Dire Marshes.  The swamps are boggy and treacherous as well as being inhabited by numerous dangerous creatures such as Gardrakes and Swamp Serpents.  Farmers have struggled for years to grow crops in the marshes, and only with the import of new seeds are the farming community showing signs of improving. 

Travelers through the marshland are advised to stay to the roads as a single wrong footstep could lead to a nasty watery demise.

South Pass - Temple of Ares
As the land dries out to the south of castle you find the South pass.  The pass starts all the way up in Anyar City in Darkhammer territory and runs east past Castle Bloodaxe towards the Grey Mountains.  It is along the base of the Grey Mountains on the South Pass that Tetris has ordered the construction of the Temple of Ares.


The Temple of Ares
Ares, God of War, has few temples.  Those that worship him do so on the battlefield by spilling the blood of their enemies, not in some soppy building.  Nevertheless, a few temples to Ares do exist, with the one in the Bloodaxe Kingdom the largest and most magnificent of all.  Build from stone, silver and gold, inside the temple is more like an armoury than a place of worship. And Dragon Guards are present in the temple at all times.  The Temple itself was built for a secret purpose.  Beyond the temple is a cave that houses the Gar Stargate.  It is through this Stargate that Ares and the Dragon Guard can travel between worlds, such as the Dragon Guard homeworld of New Gar.

To reach the Stargate first, well, you need to know about it.  The only people on Gar that know of itís existence are Ares, the Dragon Guard, Queen Tetris Bloodaxe, Ares, Bail Ohmar, Livia, Taurus and Athena.  Two other are aware of it, Trish of the Time Bandits, and Buffy, who lives on the planet Aldis.

Once in the temple you must pass into the Inner sanctum, which is locked when the High Priest is not there, (Disable Device DC 15 to open lock with high tech security tools).  Once through there there is a passageway into the caves.  Thirty meters in and the passage is blocked by an energy field, and beyond that two Dragon Guard.  Only the Dragon Guard can open the shield, unless it is by-passed (Disable Device DC 25 to lower shield).  Further into the cave is the Stargate.  Anti-chambers also hold several items of high technology including a powerful teleportation system (Knowledge: Technology DC 20 to understand, Computer Use DC 15 to use).

Warning: anyone attempting to use the Stargate without the express permission of the God of War will incur his wrath.


Oldfort is the town that surrounds Castle Bloodaxe.  It is a haphazard collection of wood and stone buildings, many at odd angles due to the soft ground on which it is built.  Oldfort gets itís name from the fact the Old Bloodaxe Fort was built on this land many centuries ago.  The people of the town are friendly, if a little glum, as living in a dirty swamp is not the best place to live.  The most famous building by far in the town is the Flagon of Ale Tavern, frequented by many, including many of the castle guard.

The Hammer River
The Hammer River runs from the mountains through Bloodaxe and eventually Darkhammer territory.

Grey Mountains
The Grey Mountains form a near impassable barrier between the Bloodaxe Kingdom and the Southern Kingdoms.


Dragon's Drift  Inn
Along the Hammersville Road on the border to Darkhammer's Kingdom lies a grand Inn.  Food and drink are good here.  The outer wall acts as a minor fortification with large double gates opening onto a grand courtyard.  A drive runs through an archway in the middle of the three story building towards the stables at the back.  Once you enter the Inn your senses are instantly overwhelmed with joyful singing, thunderous laughter and the smell of the finest roast Gar-Boar.  Room rates are reasonable and the company good.  It is no wonder this is a classed as the finest Inn on Gar.


The Blood Queen

Tetris Bloodaxe

"I'm Tetris, and I'm THE bitch, so what you gonna' do about it?    Nothing.  Because if ya' do I'll kick your ass.  That goes for Ivan and daddy too.  And as for grand-daddy, well, as soon as I can get near I won't have a grand-daddy."


Capsule:  Tetris Bloodaxe is the daughter of King Bloodaxe.  Tetris overthrew both her father and grand-father to become Queen.  She played events to become known as Queen of Gar, then killed Phantillios to become ruler of the Blood Drift and known as the Blood Empress.  Her pact with Ares, God of War, has given her much power in the sector.  Only recently would her power be questioned by the arrival of a Draygon army.

More information on Tetris Bloodaxe in the player character section



King Bloodaxe

Title former-King
Loyalty Himself
Quote "I shall crush Darkhammer and regain my Bloodaxe throne!"

"I am King Bloodaxe.  The command of the Den-Gar is rightfully mine.  As are the lands of Darkhammer and Bloodaxe.  Betrayed by my own daughter, ah, a real Bloodaxe heart she has.  But I shall fight to the last man to reclaim what is rightfully mine, using whatever means necessary."

Capsule:  Bloodaxe is a man of greed and hate.  He is not the King, but has claimed the throne in his fathers, Grand Moff Ravikk, absence.  He is disliked by the other Kingdoms as well as his own family.  He is also well aware that his daughter Tetris has aspirations to become Queen.



Knights, Honour & Chivalry




Ares, God of War

In Tribute to Kevin Smith

Title God of War
Loyalty Himself
Quote [tear] "Great!  Now I need new pants!"

"So, an army of the gods in exchange for you and me in a hot tub?  Sounds like a good deal."

Capsule:  Ares is the God of War.  His home is in another galaxy on the world of New Gar.  In that galaxy Ares already commands over three parts of the galaxy and commands one of the most powerful armies in existence.  

Ares is cunning, tactically minded, and ruthless.  He will go out of his way to start a war and keep it going.  So long as there are wars his powers grow.

Is he a god?  Possibly.  When he was encountered by the Rebel SGC he made them believe that he was a Goa'uld System Lord.  That part is true.  But his powers do not come from a symbiont.


Ares D20 stats - see Dungeons & Dragons: Deities & Demigods sourcebook with the following additions.

skills: Astrogate +40, Computer Use +55, Craft (Goa'uld device) +30, Craft (Sith Talismans) +46, Craft (Sith Swords) +30, Knowledge (Planetary Systems) +46, Knowledge (Alien Races) +46, Knowledge (Sith Lore) +40, Knowledge (Jedi Lore) +35), Knowledge (Technology) +56, Pilot +40, Repair +40

Feats: Weapon Proficiencies (ALL), Starship Dodge (ALL), Starship Operation (ALL).



Aphrodite, Goddess of Love


Title Goddess of Love
Loyalty Herself
Quote "My, my, I see a lot of love going on."

"My dear, dear Tetris, as if I could ever be bad.  I'm the Goddess the Love. Love?  You know?  You don't?  Geez, okay, I'm the Goddess of Fucking, do you get it now?!"

Capsule:  Aphrodite, sister to Ares, is the Goddess of Love.  In her hum guise she appears as a tall beautiful woman, often wearing only skimpy garments, if anything at all.  Temples to Aphrodite can be found across Gar.  Her temples are always beautiful decorated with flowers and the finest cloths.  Of course, if you really want to worship the Goddess of Love, there's one thing she just adores, and there's plenty of that happening at Castle Bloodaxe. 

Aphrodite has just offered Tetris a deal.  Tetris must build a shrine to Aphrodite within Castle Bloodaxe.  Then, provided Tetris makes love at least once a day within the walls of the castle, the hands of anyone who would intend her harm will glow red, warning the Queen of danger.

Aphrodite D20 stats - see Dungeons & Dragons: Deities & Demigods sourcebook with the following additions.

skills: Astrogate +20, Computer Use +30, Craft (Goa'uld device) +20, Craft (Force Talismans) +40, Knowledge (Planetary Systems) +30, Knowledge (Alien Races) +35, Knowledge (Gar Lore) +40, Knowledge (Technology) +35


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