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Most Kingdoms of Gar has it's own Knightly Order.  The morals of each Order is usually in line with the Kingdom they represent.  What is the same for each Order is their role within the ranks of their King's army.  Knights hold great prestige, and they will be the most combat proficient warriors on the battlefield.  It is quite common for a battle to consist of just Knights.  What must not be forgotten is the level of technology available to a Knight.  Due to their high status most Knights will carry some form of energy weapon onto a battlefield.  The use of any projectile weapons is, however, considered dishonourable in a duel.



With the title of Knight come many privileges.  The most obvious being the respect that comes with the title, and all are expected to address a Knight as 'Sir.'  Quite often a Knight will be given land, or at least a home worthy of a noble, by his King.  A Knight will also have a modest income.


Order of Lexgar

The Order of Lexgar is one of Legend.  The Knights of the Order of Lexgar are trained from an early age.  From seven years old they are trained as a Page.  They are taught manners, and respect for their King and country. The Feast of the Axe celebrations usually include tests where a Page, once he reaches fourteen years, will prove his skills in the hope of being picked by a Knight to serve as his Squire.  A Squire serves as aide to a Knight, in exchange for the Knight training them in the arts of battle.  A Knight can choose a Squire at any time, although it is usually left to a day of festivity.  At nineteen, if the Squire is considered ready for Knighthood, he will be charged with a task to prove his ability.  Such tests will usually be menial but dangerous, such as carrying a message through a rival territory.  

It should be noted that there are no Den-Gar within The Knightly Order of Lexgar.


Knight of the Order of Lexgar

Melee 7D Survival 4D Beast Riding 5D
Melee Parry 7D        
Armour Weapons 5D        
Blaster 5D        
Dodge 6D        
Command 3D Brawl 5D+2 Armour repair 3D+1
    Stamina 5D+2    

Equipment: Armour +2D/-2D, Mace or Sword, Lance, Horse





Order of Darkhammer

There are much fewer noble families left within the Kingdom of Darkhammer, therefore most of the Knights of Darkhammer are military men who have served their King well on the field of battle.  A Knight of Darkhammer is a proud warrior.  Maybe not as skilled as the Knights of Lexgar, who have been trained from a young age, but they are fierce fighters who have seen much more combat, and usually have the scars to show for it.


Knight of the Order of Darkhammer

Melee 6D Survival 4D Beast Riding 4D
Melee Parry 6D        
Armour Weapons 5D+2        
Blaster 5D+1        
Dodge 6D        
Command 2D+2 Brawl 5D Armour repair 3D
    Stamina 5D+2    





Order of Bloodaxe

King Bloodaxe cares little for chivalry and honour.  Bloodaxe will Knight anyone who he sees as a mighty warrior.  Knights of the Order of Bloodaxe are not treated with the respect of Lexgar or Darkhammer, as befits their dishonourable King.

Knight of the Order of Bloodaxe

Melee 5D+2 Survival 3D Beast Riding 4D
Melee Parry 5D        
Armour Weapons 4D+2        
Blaster 4D        
Dodge 5D        
Command 2D+2 Brawl 5D Armour repair 2D+2
    Stamina 4D+2    




Contests & Jousts

Several times a year there will be festivities, quite often surrounding contests from neighboring Kingdoms.  These Jousts are not usually fought with the intent of killing ones opponent, but winning give their Knightly Order great prestige.  

Sometimes these contests are used to vent anger and settle disputes, most often between rival Knights of rival Kingdoms.  It is also common for noble families of rival Kingdoms to hire Knights to duel on their behalf.  

The duel will almost always start with a Joust.  Each Knight, on horseback wielding a lance, charges the other with the intent of knocking them from their horse.  It is considered dishonourable to attack the opponents mount in such a contest.  Such a Knight do this the Joust is stopped and a new mount is found and the fallen Knight is given time to ready himself once more, or even postpone the duel if he has suffered an injury.  The offending Knight must offer his sword to his King and is effectively 'suspended' from Knightly duties until the duel is resolved (Knights of Bloodaxe rarely abide by this).

Once a Knight is dismounted the duel continues, the mounted Knight choosing to remain on his horse or dismount.  Melee weapons are usually used, but energy weapons mounted on the forearm of the Knights armour are permitted.  All other hand-held projectile weapons are not permitted.  Laser swords, vibro-glaives and lightsabres are all permissible.

Running  a Joust

Each Knight must perform Beast Riding, and Melee, with Melee Parry optional.


Beast Riding roll is vs. the horse's orneriness code.

(failing this roll the character may make no attack)


Melee difficulty with a Lance is opponents Melee Parry.

Depending on how many points the difficulty is beat by defines the outcome.

Beat by  0-5  Hit Shield : Damage: Str +1D      point

Beat by 6-10  Hit Body : Damage: Str +1D+2  1 point

Beat by 11+  Hit Head : Damage: Str +2D+2    2 points


Knight will fall from horse if Incapacitated, losing the contest.

Winner is the first to reach 6 points or highest score after three Lances.


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