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Welcome to Castle Lexgar



Welcome noble traveler to the Kingdom of Lexgar.  Honour and Chivilary are the way of life in this now honorable realm.  Long ago many smaller Kingdoms covered this land, but the Barbarian, Dargrim Lexgar, fought the oppressive rule of the former kingdoms and now sits as monarch of his own united land.  


Castle Lexgar

Castle Lexgar, in the Vale of Gar, stands as one of the most impressive, and largest, fortresses on the planet.  Although outward appearances are that of am ancient stone structure, behind those stone walls are walls of armoured dura-steel.  Anti-starfighter turbolasers can quickly raise from the battlements, and a guard of Den-Gar Commando's are ready at all times.  Only an off-world force could take Castle Lexgar with possibly an orbital bombardment.

An retractable bridge extends over the moat that surrounds the castle.  Once you pass through the armoured, and always manned, gatehouse you are led into the outer grounds.  A path runs to an inner gate-house, leading to the walled inner-grounds.  Within the inner grounds stands a large statue of the deceased Queen Lexgar, a monument of King Lexgar's only love.  The Royal quarters are in a fortified mansion located at the heart of the inner-grounds.  Within this mansion can be found the Lexgar Throne Room, as well as a well stocked armoury.  The main armoury being located in the outer-grounds.  The out-grounds are large enough to land several stock light freights, but starships are rare.  King Dargim Lexgar does not own a starship, instead choosing to use the transports of the Den-Gar.


Garrison Castle Lexgar
Type Armoured Castle
Scale Walker
Body Strength 6D
Structure Points 12
6 Anti-Starfighter Turbo-Lasers

(starfighter scale)

Fire control: 2D Damage: 5D
8 Defensive Cannons

(Walker scale)

Fire Control: 3D Damage: 5D


Army 10,000
Knights 400
Dragon Riders 6



Knights, Honour & Chilalary





Characters of the Lexgar Kingdom


Dargrim Lexgar

Title King
Loyalty His Kingdom
Quote "That's how a Barbarian fights!"

"Good day to you my subjects.  I am King Lexgar, and let no one doubt it.  I fought for my Kingdom over thirty years ago, and have fought to keep it since then.  I have no more thirst for conquest, but I shall lay waste to any army that dares to challenge the Lexgar Kingdom."


Capsule:  Now in to his sixties Dargrim Lexgar is growing old.  In fact it is unusual for human from Gar to live much past sixty, let alone be in the good health as Dargrim still is.  Dargrim has mellowed with age.  The one time barbarian outlaw is now a respected and just King.  Dargrim owes much of this success to the Den-Gar, whom he took command over after their defeat by the Mandalores around the time of the Clone Wars.  Dargrim always keeps a retainer of six elite Den-Gar Commando's as his personal guard, as well as numerous Den-Gar filling guard posts around his castle and Kingdom.  Dargrim has no love of the Empire, and is not concerned with off-world matters.  He is aware that Vader and other parties such as Black Sun are eager to hire the Den-Gar, but for now he is content to keep his elite commando's near.  King Dargrim Lexgar has but one regret, that his beloved wife, had not died so young.  A statue of Queen Lexgar takes pride of place in the courtyard of Castle Lexgar.



Lexon Lexgar (player-character)


Title Prince
Loyalty Rebel Alliance, Terri Lexgar
Quote "If it bleeds, we can kill it!"

"Hi there brother, I'm Lexon.  I don't have much to say.  I will say that I don't care much for Gar.  I'm not thrilled about the prospect of being King, although Terri loves the idea of being Queen.  I feel I owe the galaxy.  My early days were spent as a mercenary and bounty hunter.  Now I hope to repay my dues and fight for the Rebel Alliance, and I make no secret of it.  So if you've got a problem with that, bring it on, 'cuz the Lexgar don't take no crap!"

Blaster 10D Streetwise 4D+2 Beast Riding 2D+1
Brawl Parry 5D Survival 5D+2 Repulsorlift Op 2D+1
Dodge 7D
Grenade 5D+1
Heavy Weapons 7D+1
Yo-Yo 5D
Command 5D Brawl 8D Demolition 3D
Hide/Sneak 6D Climb/Jump 6D First Aid 2D+1
Search 7D Lifting 5D+1
Interrogation 5D Stamina 7D

Force Points: 3

Equipment:  Blaster carbine, Heavy Repeating Blaster, Yo-Yo, comlink, medpac, Charon armour,

detonators, chargers, explosives, grenades, vibro-knife, flares

Capsule:  Disillusioned with the politics of Gar Lexon left his homeworld as soon as his Den-Gar service was over.  He ended up in the employ of Jabba the Hutt working as a mercenary and Bounty Hunter.  In this profession he met Terri, rescuing her from a prison barge on it's way to Kessel.  Lexon saw his career as wrong after a run in with some rebels.  He agreed to quit the Hutt's service and work for free as a rebel agent.  Lexon's success has been matched by but a few as he puts his old Den-Gar training into good use against the Empire.


Terri Lexgar (player-character)




Lexon Lexgar, Rebel Alliance


"You know you want me."

"Hi guys and gals, I'm the one that everybody loves.  Don't get me wrong, I love only Lexon.  Sure, he's more than the man in the bedroom, but I like things a little kinky from time to time, and Lexon doesn't mind.  So if you fancy taking a hot shower, or simply like things a little rough, I'm the slut you're looking for."

Blaster 7D Streetwise 5D+1 Beast Riding 3D
Brawl Parry 6D Survival 4D+2 Starship Gunnery 2D+1
Dodge 6D Starship Piloting 5D
Grenade 6D
Melee 6D
Con 6D Brawl 7D Demolition 7D
Hide/Sneak 4D+2 Stamina 6D+1 First Aid 3D
Search 5D Martial Arts (A) 2D+2 Security 4D

Force Points: 2

Equipment: Medium Repeating Blaster, armour, grenades, thermal detonators, 

kedran lip smear (4D stun), haliat perfume (Con +1D), comlink, hold-out blaster, force pike

Capsule:  Terri is from the neighboring planet Valkor.  She was a child of the Elite (living aboard an orbiting space station) spending all of he childhood in care never knowing her mother or father.  Terri was a rebel though.  By the time she was fourteen she worked as a prostitute until her elders found out and banished her to the badlands when she was sixteen.  Terri survived.  She was taken in by a Valkyrie tribe and taught how to fight.  By seventeen Terri had left Valkor and worked as a Bounty Hunter and Assassin. At nineteen she was arrested by Stormtroopers and taken to the Spice mine of Kessel.  Somehow she escaped, but her career as an assassin brought her into conflict with the Empire again.  Once more she was sentenced to time on Kessel.  Fortune struck as the prison barge was attacked by Hutt employed mercenaries.  This was when Terri first met Lexon Lexgar.  Not long later Lexon joined the Rebel Alliance, so leaving her past in the past Terri joined him.


Galoo Lexgar

Title Prince
Loyalty Rebel Alliance
Quote ""

"Hi there, I'm Galoo, Lexon's little brother.  Well I did serve one tour with the Den-Gar, but that wasn't for me.  I'm a gadget guy  I love high tech, and Gar is not the place for that.  I've worked with the Alliance for a umber of years, since before Lexon.  Thing is, no one knows me.  And I'm happy to keep it that way.  I'd prefer not to be on the Imperial Most Wanted list like big bro."

Blaster 6D
Dodge 6D
Con 4D Forgery 5D

Equipment: Blaster Carbine, comlink, Den-Gar armour & Bacta wrap, forging tools, fake Imperial ID

Capsule:  Galoo works best as an undercover operative.  His is highly skilled at forgery, useful for making those oh so important fake Imperial ID's.



Title Man-At-Arms
Loyalty Rebel Alliance, Lexon Lexgar
Quote "Yeah, right!"

"Yeah right!  I'm Galai, enough said."

stats - see Den-Gar Commando

Capsule:  Galai was also once a Den-Gar Commando, and friend to Lexon in the regiment.  When Lexon joined the Rebel Alliance he sent word to his old friend asking him to join him.  This he did.  Galai showed considerable success until he was arrested on Lianna going through Imperial customs.  Galai had no trial, but was transferred to an Imperial research facility when he was used as a test subject in the Imperial Cyborg division.  Fortunately the Jedi Knight Gravin rescued Galai before the mind wipe was effected.  Now Galai is a shadow of his former self.  He used to be loud and out-going, unusual for a Den-Gar, but now he is quiet and withdrawn.  One bonus of Galai's imprisonment is that he is now literally a walking armament with body dermal plating, weapon attachments and enhanced reflex's.


Den-Gar Commando's


Other places of interest

Vale of Gar

The Vale of Gar is a long winding valley stretching all the way from Baron Irongraads land.  At the end of the vale is Castle Lexgar, and huddled around it are many small houses.  The village is also referred to as the Vale of Gar.  Of the goods that can be procured here weapons are the most prominent.  Longswords and broadswords are popular weapons here, the forges of the Vale of Lexgar are known as the best on Gar.  A sword forge in the Vale is unlikely to fail you in battle.

Silverbeard Forge

Silverbeard is an aged Dwarf.  His forge is considered the best in the Vale.  He works alone but for his apprentice, and does not forge weapons en mass.  The Dwarf takes much care in his work, and although his products take time, and are expensive, his weapons are the best on Gar, if not throughout the Blood Drift.

(for a list the weapons of Gar see Gallandro's Armoury)

Irongraad Pass & Irongraad Keep

The valleys between the Kingdoms of Lexgar, Darkhammer and Bloodaxe meet at Irongraad Pass.  Entering the Lexgar Kingdom by any other path from Darkhammer or Bloodaxe territory is treacherous, only Irongraad Pass offers an easy route.  Along Irongraad Pass is Irongraad Keep, ruled by Lord Irongraad, a loyal servant of King Lexgar.  Irongraad Keep, though not a formidable fortress has kept out many an attack from Bloodaxe.  The high-walled Keep blocks the whole valley, and Lord Irongraads warriors are some of the best in the land.



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