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"As shown in the Star Wars novels and comics many Jedi prove to have a unique abilities.  These manifestations of the force can make a Jedi powerful in a single area.

For example; Nomi Sunrider can take away force powers, Bastila is a master of Battle Meditation, and Anakin Organa-Solo superb with technology." - Dee Von Zarachkas, Jedi Master


A Jedi may choose one of the following abilities once all of their force skills reach 3D.

A Jedi will only ever have one of these abilities and may not change abilities.

These unique abilities allow a Jedi (not any other force using religion) to combine his own skills with force powers.

eg. The Jedi Healer has 4D Medicine & 3D Control. He will roll 4D+3 (NOT 7D). If his Medicine was 3D & Control 4D he would roll 3D+4.


Jedi Healer - Medical + Control, or Control + Med when using Accelerate Healing

Jedi Pilot - Piloting & Gunnery + Sense

Astrogator - Astrogation + Sense

Linguist - Languages + Sense

Detect Truth - Always knows when being lied to. (Player must ask 'is he/she lying?')

Beast Language - May roll Languages to understand animals.

Beast Control - Beast Riding + Control

Truth Teller - Opponent will always believe the Jedi provided the Jedi is telling the truth.

Jedi Tech - (Technical skill) + Sense

Combat Jedi - Lightsabre Combat is free and always 'up' (no multiple action penalties) which does not have to be rolled for (Warning - this can prove very powerful!)

Jedi Shadow - Hide/Sneak + Sense

Detect Aura - Can tell if someone is Good or Evil.

Strong Will - Willpower + Control for any Willpower checks & Control/Perc. + Willpower to resist attacks

Detect Temporal Shifts - Can tell if time has been altered (not applicable for many campaigns)

Droid Telepathy - May telepathically link with droids. (this may freak droids who are not expecting it!)

Detect Hologram - Player must ask 'Is this a hologram?'

Communicate with Nature - Over to GM's with this one.

Detect Sith Artifact - Player gets a warning as they go to touch any Sith artifact, weapon or otherwise.

Destroy Sith Artifact - Up to GM's how this works. An Alter roll may be needed.



Unique Jedi Abilities - D20 


These may vary according to the Individual.

One of these abilities is attained at 4th Level only of any Jedi class. Force Adept or other force users cannot benefit from these abilities.  

Only one ability is ever taken. 

Truth Teller - gains the Trustworthy feat. As a free action the Truth-teller may ‘tell the truth’ and all those hearing her words will believe them, provided they are telling the truth.

Combat Jedi - gains a +1 to Attack and Defense. Is never flat-footed and cannot be flanked.

Jedi Shadow - gain the Shadowing feat and a +5 bonus to Hide and Move Silently.

Jedi Ghost - gains the ability to enter the Ethereal Plane as an action.


This list is only short.  GMs will need to define the details on any Unique ability you wish you Jedi to take.



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