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Welcome to the Sithspawns Lair.  Star Wars D6, D20, Saga & FFG role-playing resource.

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Following the destruction of Alderaan the Rebel fight against the evil Galactic Empire has gone from strength to strength.  Inevitably the Empire is striking back, hunting down Rebels and destroying every Rebel Base they can find.

Our campaign follows a small group of Rebel operatives in their struggle with opposing the Empire.

    The Elrood Sector - Planet korad 

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Club Squirrel / The Squirrel-verse
- Unless otherwise stated everything on Sithspawn Lair is Canon in the Squirrel-Verse.

- Anything with the Cross-over Banner.
- Anything related to Doctor Who, Star Trek, Farscape, Blakes 7, Lexx, etc.
- Alien Races - treat all aliens in this section as non-canon unless started in the Canon section. Yes, this includes Draygons, they do no exist in the Squirrel-verse.
- Time Bandits - sorry, not in the Squirrel-verse. All Characters belong to their default timeline, eg. Bossko B is a Rebel pilot. I'm effectively ruling out time travel in the Squirrel-verse.
- Planets - Aldis and the Buffy campaign does not exist, neithr does Tang rock and Texas.
- The Star Wars EU - bye-bye. This does not include Clone Wars, Rebels or Droids, they're still good.
- Characters - Ajax, Medusa, reborn Tarkin.

- Everything that appears on the Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion pages.
- Alien Races - Veeaz, Moogie, Gardrayke, Nok'tek'cha, Quacka. Transhodian are treated as being Trandoshan. Nosferartau are treated as being an advanced Ugnaught colony.
- Beyond the Blood Drift - this is canon, but will unlilely be used in ongoing games.
- Tapani Sector - while mostly canon the political structure of Pelagia is now undefined. ie. Lady Matherson is not head of House Pelagia. All events involving Moff Lard, Vigo Jeribia and The Kid remain canon. The Draygons are removed from Tapani.
- Planets - Mondeon remains cut-off due to the Charon hyper-bomb. Kidron in the Elrood Sector is still a destroyed world, overrun with alien plant-life.
- Rebel Alliance - Stargate. This still exists with the Stargates being different versions of Gree Hyper-gates.



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