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Commander Killig Karnak

This former Imperial Captain was demoted following an incident now known as the 'Carnage of Karnak'.  The exact details have been hushed up, but it was an embarrassment for the Empire.  Only his strong familiy ties kept him in a uniform. 

Sent to run the Hyperbaride Synthesis Processing Plant on Orto Plutonia by Moff Lard, Commander Karnak has taken pleasure in suppressing the local Talz tribes.  Alas, all came to a head when a small group of Rebels crash landed on Orto Plutonia and offered their help to the Talz.  The Talz were freed, Commander Karnak himself injured in a shootout with the Rebels and the processing plant was destroyed.  If Commander Karnak survived is currently unknown. 

stats - Imperial Officer


Commander Malice

Commander Malice was assigned to the VSD Vindicator at the request of the Inquisition, more precisely, Inquisitor Nexix.  Commander Malice is everything that his name stands for.  He is cold, cruel and evil.  Malice is always at the side of Inquisitor Nexix, relaying orders to the weak Captain Dakar.  Malice has even less interaction with the crew of the Vindicator than the Inquisitor does.  He has an aura of fear about him causing most men to quake in his presence.  Even Captain Dakker does not question orders from his Commander.

Following the events of Escape from Paradise the Squirrels have learnt that Commander Malice is in fact a Human Replica Droid.



The Squirrels encountered this experimental Imperial War Droid in the remain of the Death Star in the Ugor junkyard System of Paradise.  An imposing seven foot tall red droid that resembles a huge Stormtrooper fitted with many armaments. 

At the time the Squirrels encountered 10-NT he had suffered heavy damage and his only weapon was a chest canon and his energy core was leaking so badly he was permanently connected to a make-shift power core.  10-NT was still a dangerous foe and Spanners only escaped due to a timely intervention of a Squad of Stormtroopers.  The power core powering 10-NT exploded in the incident. 10-NT is believed destroyed.


Emperor Palpatine

While investigating the Kuras system in the Elrood Sector the Squirrels found the force-sensitive child, and son of Elam Darr, Sonorous.  When the Squirrels attempted to rescue the child they were confronted by none other than The Emperor himself.  Fortunately Sonorous was strong enough in the force to clear a path allowing the Squirrels to escape.


Ice Witches

Formerly Witches of Dathomir, this small coven had been fully converted to the Dark Side and were totally loyal to The Emperor.  They were encountered on the planet Kuras IV where they were using their powers to suppress the force abilities of the force-child Sonorous.




The Rodian Snoot considers himself the foremost spy and information merchant on Korad.  Whilst this may be a bold claim it is simply a fact there are few others on the junk planet that fill these roles.

Snoot is a cowering wretch, his actual knowledge is poor and generally wildly inaccurate, and as he is pretty well known around Korad City he is also pretty useless as a spy.  But if you need an unimportant  message taking for a few credits, see Snoot.






















Moff Lard of the Tapani Sector

Exactly how this former Health & Safety inspector (apparently he insisted on Exhaust Ports on the Death Star for health & safety reasons) and ex-Rebel agent wound up being Moff of the richest sector in the galaxy is quite a mystery even high ranking Imperial officials are trying to work out.  No one is fully clear on what the Moffs aims are, probably not even the Moff himself.





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