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Ugnog the pseudo-pod

Ugnog is the Pseudo Pod, offspring, of the High Tax Inspector of Korad.  Whilst Ugnog has the usual careless disregard for other races, as do most Ugors, he keeps his deals and has a strong dislike of the Empire.  The Squirrels encountered him after he had made a deal with Black Sun to smuggler escaped slaves out of the Tapani Sector.  His ship was damaged in an encounter with an Imperial Star Destroyer and he was forced to send for help. 

See the adventure Escape from Paradise.



This smart Ugnaught is a Rebel Cell agent on the planet Korad in the Elrood Sector.  After becoming separated from the Rebel Alliance fleet it was Ug-Wrench with whom they made contact.  Ug-Wrench is one small cog in the workings of the Rebellion, using his small junk shop as a cover story.  Ug-Wrench is kept in the dark with the Rebel missions, merely passing on cryptic messages to his agents, the Squirrels.


Chieftain Moffatt & Fooph

Many members of Chieftain Moffatt's Talz tribe were taken as slaves by the Imperials.  That was until a small group of Rebels help restore freedom to their Tribe.

Chieftain Moffat is an older Talz, and a wise leader. His knowledge is greater than a Talz should have hinting that he has travelled away from Orto Plutonia.  Fooph is a total contrast, a young scawny yet energetic Talz warrior.  Always eager to help and the bash the metal men (Imperial Patrol Droids).



Freed slaves

Over fifty slaves were rescued form the Tapani Secot by Ugnog the Pseudo Pod with the help of the Squirrels. Of these a dozen or so have stayed on helping the Rebel Alliance. most of these freed slaves are Twi-lek and now serves at the Rebel base in the Korad system.


Delta Vor and Sonorous

Delta was a friend of Elam Dar during his days at the Imperial Academy, over ten years ago.  Delta and Elam were close for a few weeks before Delta got suddenly transferred for a special assignment.  Elam quit the Academy a few weeks later.

Delta was actually taken prisoner by Emperor Palpatine himself, but it was not Delta he wanted, it was her unborn child, Sonorous.    

Delta was kept prisoner on Kuras IV before being taken to Kuras III and incarcerated in suspended animation until she was reunited with Elam when rescued by the Squirrels.

Sonorous is the son of Delta and Elam, but from the moment of his birth he became the subject of Emperor Palpatines experiments with the FORCE.  Sonorous soon began to grow powerful in the FORCE, too powerful, too powerful for even the Emperor to control.  Eventually Palpatine had Sonorous imprisoned on Kuras IV using a coven of Ice Witches to dampen his powers.

Delta and Sonorous disappeared shortly after Sonorous was freed.



Commander Quick is an enigma and a mystery.  He is a Rebel Commander but does not reveal who any of his contacts are gives nothing away to his past.  Quick has assisted the Squirrels several times and has become their primary contact with the Rebel Alliance.

Lt. Neemo

The Sullustan Neemo is Quick's right-hand man.  While he serves with Quick's commandos Neemo is predominantly a pilot and navigator.  Neemo has served with the Rebel Alliance from the early days, originally serving under Bail Organa of Alderaan.  He has moved from being a capital ship pilot to being a field operative where he feels he can make a bigger difference.

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Stormy is far from your regular Stormtrooper, so far in fact he recently defected to the Rebel Alliance.

Stormy is not a clone, but human from a distant world. He joined the Empire as a tech, falling for the Imperial propaganda. Due to a mix up however he got assigned to a Stormtrooper division rather than technical. Sure, he could shoot a blaster, but his heart wasn't in it, and his designation of BJ-69 only led to continual derision from other troopers in his division.

Stormtroops are supposed to be 100% loyal to the Empire and go through rigorous indoctrination. However Stormy kind of lost concentration during indoctrination, in fact he didn't really know what indoctrination was. Thus when Elam-Darr gave him the opportunity to quit the Empire he pretty much jumped at it.

Stormy now works as a Tech for the Rebels at the base in the Korad system.



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