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The planet Gar





The Blood Drift is an immense nebula.  It is so named the Blood Drift for the rich red colour of the nebula gases that make passage to the sector difficult.  The Blood Drift is not easy to pass.  I takes five micro-hyperspace jumps (Difficulty: Moderate - V.Difficult) over anywhere between three and seven days to pass through the Blood Drift. Should any ship become lost in the drift they are in trouble.  Rogue asteroids traveling at great speeds are disasters waiting to happen, and the effects of the mists disrupt all sensors and communications.  It takes a Very Difficult - Heroic Search roll to find your way back onto a hyper-lane.  Any attempt to 'blind-jump' through the Blood Drift has only a one in six chance of success.

Sector update: the hyper-route into the Blood Drift has been mined by The Empire.  Only with the mine deactivation codes can you pass into the Sector.

Beyond the Blood Drift lies a large Sector of closely nit planets and systems.  Despite the planets relative closeness travel can still take time as the Blood Drift still takes its toll.  There are only a few major hyper-routes through the sector, and any unarmed vessels are easy prey for pirates.  The Empire does not patrol the Blood Drift.  Officially the Sector falls under the command of Grand Moff Ravikk.  The law of the Blood Drift is kept by Peace-Keepers and the Blood Guard.  This over-zealous police force causes as much terror as they are supposed to defend against.  The Blood Drift is ruled by the Empress Supreme, also known as the Blood Empress, a title Emperor Palpatine would like disbanded.  The Empress Supreme does take an interest in her subjects.  The Empresses Court consists of representatives of the strongest worlds of the the Blood Drift.  

So sit back for a ride of chivalry, terror and excitement

Beyond the Blood Drift.

Click here to go to the Chronicles of Gar to read about recent events Beyond the Blood Drift, or visit the Kingdom of Bloodaxe.


Click on the image above to visit the planet Gar.

Until recently the Blood Drift was ruled by Phantillios, also known as The Emperor Supreme or the Blood Emperor.  This was until he was slain by Tetris Bloodaxe, who would then take the title, Blood Empress.

However, this is not a title that is easy to keep.  Mere weeks following her victory over Phantillios a Draygon armada would invade the Blood Drift.  The Draygon invasion has shook the entire sector.



The Court of the Empress Supreme

To maintain some order in the Sector each 'significant' planet in the Sector elects Ambassadors to stand in the Blood Empresses Court, though they have no real power.  Only the Blood Empress has the power in the Blood Drift.

When called to court all must attend, and a gift is expected to be granted to the Blood Empress as a sign of loyalty.



Warriors of Gar Alliance

Several of the larger Kingdoms of the planet Gar have formed the Warriors of Gar Alliance.  They are the most recent addition to the Blood Council.  The Warriors of Gar Alliance include representatives from the Kingdoms of the Red King, Darkhammer and Lexgar, with Queen Tetris Bloodaxe being the 'Alliance spokesperson, giving her the title Queen of Gar.

Tetris's recent ally with Ares, God of War, has been frowned upon by the other members of the Alliance.  None yet has had the strength or courage to attempt to remove Tetris as Queen of Gar, especially as Ares war fleet surrounds Gar and are at the Command of the Queen.

Allies: Valkyrie

Enemies: The Empire, Devronian Gestalt, Draygon Empire



  The Draygon Empire

A large faction of Draygon has recently invaded the Blood Drift.  Led by the powerful Warlord Carnifex it did not take the Draygons long to gain a foothold in the sector.  They have made no attempt to make an alliance with any of the Blood Drift Factions.  Despite forcing Queen Tetris Bloodaxe to flee the sector capital the Draygons were forced back from the planet Gar by Dragon Guard Starfleet, commanded by the Gar Queen.

Warlord Carnifex: Adult Int Draygon, Soldier 10/Noble 4; Init +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Bonus); Def 26 ( +3 Dex, +7 Class, +6 Natural); Spd 10m; VP/WP -/19; Atk +16/+11/+6 ranged (4d8, crit 19-20, Blaster [Cannon]), +21/+16/+11 melee (1d3+8, punch); SQ Call in a favor (x2), Command +2, Dark Side, Inspire Confidence +1; SV Fort +14, Ref +8, Will +7; SZ M; FP: 2; DSPs: 12; Rep: +8; Str 27, Dex 16, Con 19, Int 11, Wis 11, Cha 9.

            Skills: Astrogate +9, Bluff +7, Diplomacy +7, Handle Animal +3, Intimidate +12, Pilot +12, Read/Write Basic, Sense Motive +6, Speak Basic, Spot +4, Survival +8, Treat Injury +17

            Feats: Alertness, Armor Proficiency (heavy, light, medium), Cleave, Dodge, Endurance, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Heroic Surge, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Weapons Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, vibro weapons)

Tough Hide: DR 6

Allies: None

Enemies: Everyone!



Devronian Gestalt

The oldest of the factions of the Blood Drift, and most mysterious.  The Devronian Gestalt are the only faction that has openly defied the Emperor Supreme in the past without repercussion.  Maybe the Emperor Supreme fears the 'Gestalt.  This faction have nothing to do with their homeworld or others of their race.  The borders to their system are closed, even to the forces of the Emperor Supreme.  Those few starships that do travel to the world of the Devronian Gestalt are never heard from again.

It is rumoured they are ancient Vampires.  Several of their kin are believed to be several thousand years old and wield great power.  

Allies: none

Enemies: Star Dragons, Draygon Empire


  Brynlor the One

"We are one, and I am many."

Bynlor the One speaks in the Blood Council on behalf of the Devronian Gestalt.  He is always accompanied by three other male Devronians and a female Nagai, although their names are not known, and will not be given if asked, only Brynlor the One may speak for the Gestalt.

Brynlor the One himself is as much an enigma as the Geltalt he represents.  He could be called the perfect negotiator, not even under the rule of the Blood Emperor did he ever concede anything.  He always speaks with the voice of the Gestalt, always speaking calmly when dictating the stance of the Gestalt, and even when making threats - which he often does.  These threats must carry some weight as no one has even given the Gestalt reason to act.

The age of Brynlor the One is also something of a mystery, for over one thousand years records state that he has represented the Gestalt in the Blood Council, which seems preposterous for a Devronian.  Again, he or the Gestalt will not answer such questions.

 character type

 Blood Council











Wroonian Co-Operative

Wroonians have always been adventuresome, so adventuring out Beyond the Blood Drift is seen as nothing unusual for them..  The Wroonian Co-Operative was formed as a trade franchise Beyond the Blood Drift.  It is not a system of planets, but rather a business Faction spread across many worlds.  In recent years, due to high Imperial taxes into the Blood Drift Sector, freighter captains have turned to smuggling.  Smuggling seems to be the only way the Co-Operative can stay in business.

Allies: Gran Association, Aurrorro-Tang Democracy, The Sect

Enemies: Empire, Draygon Empire



The Empire

Emperor Palpatine is not happy with someone calling themselves Emperor too, although he has not yet taken any action against the Blood Drift.  Grand Moff Ravikk Bloodaxe of Gar is officially the Sector Moff, or was until recent events saw him arrested under suspicion of misuse of Imperial funds and resources (fighting his own personal war against Lexgar & Darkhammer on Gar).  In the meantime there is no Sector Moff of the Blood Drift and command falls to Vladimir Darkhammer, brother of Ivan Darkhammer, an agent of Imperial Intelligence.  The Empire has many agents throughout the Blood Drift but has no real power base, with their only Star Destroy in the Sector recently destroyed by the invading Draygon fleet.  Rather than more his fleet into the Blood Drift Emperor Palpatine has chosen to wait out the current Blood Drift conflicts which could weaken the sector.  The Empire patrols the borders of the Blood Drift and taxes any vessel traveling to or from the Rimma Trade Route.  Most taxes on goods are at 200%, with only the Aurrorro-Tang permitted to ship goods freely due to their trade agreement with the Empire, though this deal may also soon be terminated.

Allies: none

Enemies: Wroonian Co-Operative, Warriors of Gar Alliance, Draconian Empire, Draygon Empire



Gran Association

The Gran have long maintained diplomatic relations across the galaxy, so why should the Blood Drift be any different.  The Gran association, much like the Wroonian Co-Operative is more of a business than a political faction, and the smallest faction on the Blood Council.  The Gran are currently in talks with the Sect which, with their resources back on Malastaire, could prove beneficial for the whole Blood Drift

Allies: Wroonian Co-Operative, The Sect

Enemies: Draygon Empire



Draconian Empire

Doctor Who cross-over.  The Draconians' are a grand proud and noble race.  Their Empire is the largest Beyond the Blood Drift, stretching out of the Blood Drift Sector in fact, though split by the Blood Drift nebula. They maintain a large and effective starfleet.  Their tensions at the moment tend to be more aimed towards the Empire rather than any faction Beyond the Blood Drift, though the arrival of the Draygons will no doubt only increase the Draconian war machine.

Allies: none

Enemies: Empire



The Valkyrie

From the planet Valkor, with settlements on Gar are the Valkyrie.  These mythical warrior maidens are fierce fighters but lack modern technology.  The Valkyrie are often hired as mercenaries or assassins.  The only starships they have acquired came through trade with the Blood Emperor.

Allies: Warriors of Gar Alliance

Enemies: none



Aurrorro-Tang Democracy

Though only populating a single world the Aurrorro-Tang have managed to get themselves represented on the Blood Council.  The Aurrorro-Tang were not well liked by the Emperor Supreme, a fact that has become common knowledge, how the new Blood Empress sees them is unknown.  

The real reason the Emperor Supreme made no action against the Aurrorro-Tang is that a powerful Jedi Master originating from Tang Rock once nearly defeated the Emperor Supreme.  The Emperor Supreme fears that other such masters reside on Tang Rock.  

Allies: Wroonian Co-Operative, Star Dragon Empire

Enemies: Devronian Gestalt, Draygon Empire



Star Dragon Empire

If anyone keeps the Emperor Supreme in line it is the Star Dragon Empire.  Though they call it an Empire no ones can prove the existence of a great number of Star Dragons.  Only a single Star Dragon, or Duinogwuin, is ever seen on the Blood Council, Silver-Back-Fyre.  Silvers' age is unknown, but he is huge.  And whatever power he wields the Emperor Supreme is fearful of it.  More of those rumours persist that the Emperor Supreme has hired many an assassin to eliminate Silver-Back-Fyre, all obviously failing to kill the gentle giant.  The last time that more than one Star Dragon was seen Beyond the Blood Drift was well over 70 years ago.

The Devronian Gestalt are also keen to take control of the Star Dragon territory, but seek the approval of the Blood Empress to do so.

Allies: Warriors of Gar Alliance, Aurrorro-Tang Democracy

Enemies: Empire, Devronian Gestalt, Draygon Empire



The Sect

The Sect is an amalgamation of several insectoid factions.  The Sect includes the races of the Sic-Six, Flakax and Genosians.  The fact the Genosians are part of the sect has led to rumours that the Empire has spies within the faction, something that is unproved, though probably true for any faction.

The Sect are the primary industrialists of the Blood Drift with gargantuan factories stretching across many of their worlds.  The Empire may be trying to cut off the Sector through high taxes, but it will struggle to cause any real economic problems so long at The Sect factories continue to grow.

Allies: Wroonian Co-Operative

Enemies: none




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