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Here are some classic characters that came from another RPG group formed at the same time as the Warriors of Gar.  U.N.I.T.  inspired by UNIT of Doctor Who.  Our UNIT stood for Ugavine's Nosferartau Intelligence Taskforce.





Human, Starship Ace / Jedi Knight

This flame haired beauty was in fact a very powerful Jedi, and quite possibly the post powerful player character that U.N.I.T. or the Warriors of gar would ever see.  Beth was an expert pilot, a master lightsabre duelist, and all round nice girl.  Beth would often be found in the company of her best friend, the Barabel Grieg.

Special Ability: Commune with nature



Lightsabre 11D+1 Alien Races 5D Repulsorlift Op 7D
Dodge 5D Bureaucracy 5D Starship Piloting 10D
Melee Parry 8D Languages 7D Starship Shields 6D
    Planetary Systems 5D Jet Pack Op 6D
    Technology 5D Teleport Op. 6D
Bargain 4D Stamina 6D Computers Prog/Rep 6D
Hide/Sneak 6D Swimming 4D Repulsorlift Rep. 5D
Search 6D     First Aid 5D
        Starship Repair 6D
        Lightsabre Build 5D

Force Points: 6

Equipment: Lightsabre, Vav Suit, pocket computer, jet pack, tools, breath mask, haliat perfume, laser shield.


Greig Thorn

Barabel, ex-Bounty Hunter

Grieg was not like your usual Barabel.  He is a master warrior capable of going toe-to-toe with the galaxies best any day of the week, but he was also Mr. Suave.  Grieg was a man of refinery.  Grieg only ever wore the best clothes, drank the best wine, and kept his starship in pristine condition.  As a Rebel, and in the company of Bethany, and quite often Tetris Bloodaxe and Ivan Darkhammer, Grieg caused the Empire most distress than the heroes of Yavin ever could.  Forget Skywalker and Solo, Grieg is the man the Empire was gunning for!


Blaster 10D Alien Races 5D Astrogation 5D
Brawl Parry 6D Bureaucracy 5D Starship Piloting 6D
Dodge 7D Languages 5D Starship Shields 7D
Grenade 7D Planetary Systems 5D Starship Gunnery 7D
    Technology 5D Communications 4D
    Streetwise 5D Jet Pack Op 5D
    Survival 5D    
Con 5D Brawl 10D Demolitions 5D
Gambling 8D Stamina 7D Security 5D
Search 6D Climb/Jump 5D    
Hide/Sneak 5D Lifting 5D    
Willpower 5D Swimming 5D    

Force Points: 5

Equipment: Blaster Carbine, Laser sight (Blaster +1D), Medpacs

Cybernetics: Neuro-shock hand (damage: 8D)



Trianni Warrior

The Trianni known as Claw was in Bossko B. & Viper territory.  A member of the Time Bandits and another lunatic.  A fierce fighter, and a master of style.  Claw was one smooth cool dude.  A one of a kind one dimension person, but hey, he had a nice ass.



(a nick-name, not believed to be his real name)

Character Type Time Lord
Sex male
Age 650
Race Galifreyan
Quote "I can do anything I like!"

"I can sense it, all around, especially here on Aldis.  The stench of evil.  I know it all too well.  Evil is found throughout the galaxy, throughout time and space.  Never mind, anyone fancy a cup of tea?"

Capsule:  To follow

Quirks / Odd abilities: Can play the spoons really well, totally fluent in gibberish.




Mire, Time Bandit

Another Time Bandit.  Guardian was of the Mire race.  His form was that of an eight foot monster.  He always wore layered armour with only his glowing red eyes visible of his face.  Guardian was one of the Time Bandits heavy hitters with a major claim to fame, he is the one who killed the Sith Lord Insidious Vile.  On the planet Zita Major the Sith Lord was in a duel with two Jedi.  The duel was intense, but the Jedi were defeated.  Vile brought up his lightsabre to swing the killing blow when Guardian pulled the Jedi aside.  The Sith Lord, incensed at this interference swung his energy blade at Guardian.  Guardian caught Viles arm, stopping the attack, then scooped him up, hitting the Sith Lord with the Tombstone Piledriver!!!  Vile was dead, his body turning back into his liquid natural state.



Back in 1987 a company called West End Games released the 1st Edition of the Star Wars Role-Playing Game.  Back then my brother and I were huge Star Wars fans but had never heard of Role-Playing Games.  Whilst visiting my uncle in Cardiff I bought the 1st Edition Star Wars Sourcebook, still one of WEGs best books, and was interested in all these stats assigned to my movie heroes. I soon saved for the 1st Edition Rulebook, and I've been hooked on RPGs ever since.

What you have here are a few of those classic characters, good and bad, and adventures (or what little I remember of them) from those early days of role-playing that pre-date the Warriors of Gar.





Human Soldier

This mercenary could often be mistaken for nothing more than a foul mouthed drunk.  Sure, he always carried a bottle of Corellian Whiskey, but don't let his drinking fool you.  Pinack was one tough and highly skilled soldier.  Pinack was even a member of Lexon's Legion.  He would often be found in the company of Biggs  and Uggy.

Quote: "What the fuck we gonna' do now man?"

Blaster 5D+1     Starship Gunnery 4D01
Dodge 5D+1     Starship Piloting 4D
Con 4D Brawl 4D+1    
Gambling 7D+1 Stamina 3D+1    

Equipment: Heavy Blaster, comlink, grenades, Rifle



Human Jedi Knight

Hutch could have been a great Jedi night had his lifetime not been during the reign of Emperor Palpatine.  Hutch was a competent Rebel pilot, but his life was not destined to be a long one.  Hutch was tracked by the Jedi killer Lavekk.  The dueled many times.  Their final duel would be fateful for both combatants.  Lavekk shot down Hutch's freighter on the planet Hoth several months before the Alliance set up base there.  In a mountain ice cave Hutch and Lavekk had their final lightsabre duel, Hutch was finally beaten by the Vaders servant and cut down, passing into the force.  In a moment of rage... [see Fett]

Lightsabre 7D Survival 3D+1 Starship Gunnery 4D+2
Streetwise 3D Starship Piloting 5D+2
Hide/Sneak 4D Martial Arts * 7D+1 Starship Repair 3D+1

Force Points: 9

Equipment: Lightsabre, Blaster, glow rod, comlink, space suit




unknown race, Bounty Hunter

Fett tried to model himself off Boba Fett, but he was a poor Bounty Hunter.  Fett's problem was that he was too nice.  He soon found himself in the Rebel Alliance teamed with the Gar Warrior known as Galai.  Fett was often in the company of Pinack, Uggy, Biggs and his close friend Hutch.  Many times Fett had helped his friends battle deadly adversaries, never did he expect to see his close friend Hutch killed before his eyes by the Jedi killer Lavekk.  As Hutch fell, cut down by Lavekks lightsabre in an ice cave in Hoth, Fett flew into a fit of rage.  Fett ignited his rocket-pack and flew at Lavekk, priming two Thermal Detonators!  Lavekk, gloating over his victory turned to see Fett too late.  Fett speared the Jedi killer right out of the cave.  Fett clung to Lavekk as the two flew out of the cave, off the side of the ice mountain.  Both Lavekk and Fett were caught in the blast of twin thermal detonators a mile above the planets surface.  Both bodies were found hours later by Biggs and Uggy.  Lavekk was dead, but to their amazement Fett was alive, though in need of a months bacta tank treatment.  As Biggs helped the unconscious Fett a ghostly image appeared before him... [see Biggs D.]


Biggs D.

Human, Brash Pilot / Minor Jedi

One of the Rebel Alliances best pilots, Biggs D. could often be found in the company of Pinack, Uggy and Hutch.  Biggs always thought he'd be nothing more than a pilot, and hoped one day that the Alliance would defeat the evil Empire.  Then the day would come when his friend the minor Jedi Hutch would be killed.  When Biggs went to save Fett after he was caught in a thermal blast (see above) he was amazed to find Fett alive.  As he helped Fett suddenly a ghostly form appeared before him, it was Hutch, just killed by Lavekk.  Biggs was confused but Hutch explained all.  "I am one with the force now my friend," said Hutch, "but the Jedi must survive.  Through you Biggs.  You must learn the ways of the force.  You shall become a powerful Jedi."  Biggs D. did.  Guided by by the ghost of Hutch Biggs did become a powerful Jedi and confront the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.  Biggs survived that encounter, so did Vader. One day their paths may meet again... but the Dark Lord has another to focus his attention on for the time being.

Blaster 8D Alien Races 3D Astrogation 5D
Dodge 6D Planetary Sys 3D Starship Piloting 12D
Lightsabre 6D Streetwise 2D+2 Starship Gunnery 6D
Survival 3D+1 Repulsorlift Op 7D
Jet Pack Op 6D
Hide/Sneak 5D Brawl 5D Starship Rep. 6D
Climb/Jump 4D

Force Points: 13

Equipment: X-Wing Fighter, comlink, space suit, Rifle, Blaster, Lightsabre, Space Bike, rations, glow rod, R2 Unit, HUDS Helmet (Gunnery & evade rolls +1D)



Stormy was a close friend of Rebel Commander Snowy.  Like Snowy his race is unknown but he has amazing strength.  Stormy is a comical character, always up for a laugh, but always ready to fight if he needs to.



Nosferartau, Tech

A Nosferartau and friend to Doctor Ugavine and Ugavine junior.  If any Nosferartau can be more annoying, more clumsy and more intelligent than Ugavine it's Uggy.  Uggy is a Rebel and runs a workshop on the Justice, Snowy's command ship.  He is a trusted ally, a Nosferartau contact and an accomplished field agent.  If you want a job done, don't give it to Uggy, unless the universe is at stake, then only give it to Uggy.

Quote: "I deleted the security camera footage so what makes you think I broke it?"

Blaster 3D Alien Races 6D+2 Astrogation 6D
Brawl Parry 1D+2 Bureaucracy 5D Starship Piloting 6D
Dodge 7D Languages 8D Starship Shields 5D
Cultures 4D+2 Starship Gunnery 5D+1
Planetary Systems 6D+2 Repulsorlift Op 4D
Survival 5D 4D
  Streetwise 5D+1
Bargain 4D+1 Brawl 2D+2 Computers Prog/Rep 8D
Con 5D+1 Stamina 4D Droid Prog/Rep 6D
Gambling 6D+1 Climb/Jump 2D+2 First Aid 6D
Hide/Sneak 6D Lifting 2D+1 Security 6D
Search 4D+2 Swimming 3D Starship Repair 7D
  Gadgets 7D

Equipment: tools, several droids, PDT-8, starship, wrist shield, blaster, hold-out blaster, charon armour, jeep, pocket computer, medpacs, ion blaster, lightsbare, Teleport.



Ewok Scout

No one in the Rebel Alliance can actually remember where Bun came from.  Well obviously the Ewok scout was from Endor, but how he came to be amongst the ranks of the Alliance was unclear.  Brun was a young Ewok, full of life with eagerness to explore.  Like most Ewoks he was a tough warrior, even if most humans found him comical.  Brun was both brave and loyal to his adopted Rebel Alliance family.



Garbarian Mercenary

Galai was a tough mercenary from the planet Gar.  An ex-Den-Gar Mercenary and friend to Lexon Lexgar.  Galai was usually found hanging with Fett.


Squeekmeekveeklazippy (Squeek)

Squib Adventurer

After their encounter with the Squibs (Scavenger Hunt by WEG) Biggs & co. found themselves a new ally in the form of the Squib Squeekmeekveeklavippy, Squeek for short.  An insatiably inquisitive squib who's actions would often get the group into trouble that they could have otherwise have avoided.  Had a penchant for  collecting power packs from Imperial Stormtrooper rifles, even if the Stormtrooper was trying to use the rifle!







Dark Lord

A deadly Dark Lord under the tutorage of Darth Vader.  Zarath was a dangerous individual who was assigned in apprehending the Rebels that would go on to be known as the Warriors of Gar.  Like his master Zarath wore a black cape and mask.  Zarath had numerous encouters with the Rebels, especially Bail Ohmar, Lexon Lexgar, Torm and Gravin.  Gravin and Zarath dueled many times, neither coming away the victor.  It was Zarath that caused Torm his injuries including Torm losing his right arm (even though Torm went out and bought a bionic one).



Human I.S.B. Agent

A dangerous ISB agent, and Martial Arts Master.  Jan pursued the Rebels for a long time.  Only Bossko B. was ever capable of going toe-to-toe in unarmed combat with Jan.



alien entity

The leader of the ancient Medusai race, Medusa is an omnipotent creature million of year old.  The Medusai have access to a mysterious power giving them amazing powers capable of even altering reality.  The nature of the power is unknown and is referred to only as Mother.  Medusa himself is a notorious practical joker and fun dude, unless angered.  Medusai do have a single weakness, the force.  The Medusai cannot resist force attack without their combined efforts.  Even a minor adept can use the force against a Medusai.  The force alignment can also influence a Medusai.  So in the presence of the Dark side a Medusai becomes evil.  for this reason Medusa steers very clear of the Emperor and Darth Vader.


The Dark Warriors

The Dark Warriors were at first nothing more than a swoop gang on the planet durroon, the homeworld of Torm.  The Dark Warriors were all showed minor force powers, but Vakan had a black heart.  His studies led him, and in turn his associates, to the Dark Side.  Vakans rise to power led him into conflict with the group, especially the stronger Dai'Oahl.  Vakan though he could better himself, and joined the Dagger, the followers of the Draygons.  Vakan offered his powers to Drangal, the Draygon Emperor.  Together they raised the spirit of a Sith Lord known as Draykmihr.  The Sith Lords spirt took over Vakans mind, and the Draygons experimented, augmented they called it, upon Vakans body to try and turn him into a Draygon.  Vakan/Draykmihr is still out there somewhere.

Dai'Oahl became a powerful crime boss on the planet Caldon until he was eventually killed by Dax and Savant of Team 7.

Orron never fell to the Dark Side, but he did fall for the Corellian Whiskey.  Orron was a drunk.  He was found by Team 7 on an Outer Rim world where for a short time he aided their Rebel cause.  Orron fell back into alcoholism once more and disappeared.  He is out there somewhere, drunk in a seedy Outer Rim tavern no doubt.



The Warriors of Gar to be


Beauty (Terri) & Den-Gar (Lexon)

When first introduced Terri Lexgar went by the singular name of Beauty and was an assassin being transported to the prison world of Kessel.  The convict ship was captured by the Phoenix Pirates working for Jabba the Hutt.  At the time Lexon, going by the name Den-Gar was in Jabba's employ.  Soon Lexon left the Hutts service and joined the Rebel Alliance.  Beauty would change her name to Terri and join the tough Warrior she had fallen in love with.  Den-Gar's name would change to Lexon Lexgar and a new hero would be born.


Dr. Ugavine Jr.

My 2nd RPG character.  Very little has changed with Ugavine junior.  His skills are a little higher, and he's now on the Stargate team.  But he's still hanging with Terri & Lexon and fighting for what he believes in.

an early Terri pic

Bossk (Bossko B.)

Another early character.  He started as a Bounty Hunter, his Control force increased, as did his Piloting and Martial Arts.  He was always a silly character but somewhere silly became insane.  Originally a Rebel character Bossk became Bossko became Bossko B.  Now he's a Time Bandits and a total lunatic with a heart of gold.



How did the character of Snowy develop.  I was only 9 when TESB came out and my grandparents bought me my first Star Wars figure, an Imperial Snowtrooper (if only they knew what that one figure would lead to).  My Star Wars figure collection grew and Snowy was always my favourite (well maybe Boba Fett, but who's counting). I always pretended that Snowy, my Snowtrooper, had Superman strength.  Hey, I was nine and had not seen the movies.  Forward to 1987 and the Star Wars RPG.  Eventually Snowy would have to come into play.  I wanted to keep my Super-Strong Snowy, so have done as a Rebel NPC.  

Snowy is a good guy.  When he and his friend Stormy first came to this galaxy far, far away they joined the Empire, though without revealing their true strength.  Soon they realised they were on the wrong side and helped Mon Mothma form the Rebel Alliance.  Snowy still wears his Snowtrooper uniform on occasions as a sign of the mistake he nearly made.


Bail Ohmar

Another early PC.  Bail was originally the cold calculating Bounty Hunter depicted on the template sheet in the WEG rulebook.  He wore Mandalorian Armour (because I was a Boba Fett fan) and never lost his cool.  Soon that cool would go, he'd lose control, then he would be redeemed.  Not to mention being reveled that he was a Chiss.  Only a few months ago was Bail Ohmar's face revealed for the first time.  Bail is certainly not the man he was.




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