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Double Trouble!!!

Bossko B. andf Viper, both members of the Time Bandits, are the galaxies two most troublesome individuals.  Bossko B. is an insane nutter who talks to imaginary friends and teases anybody he can, especially Sith Lords!  Viper, the pink haired tattooed punk girl, can't get enough explosives.  She is always causing explosions at Time Bandits HQ, and again, teases everyone, especially The Phenom.  Together the pair are nothing but trouble.  Everyone watch out!


Terri & Lexon

Lexon Lexgar and Terri Lexgar are husband and wife.  Lexon, a prince of Gar, is one of the Rebel Alliances top special ops. agents.  While Terri is a formidable warrior her husband is one of the toughest members of the Warriors of Gar.  Both are members of the Rebel Alliance secret Stargate project, although they do operate on different teams.



The Wreckin' Crew

The Big Blue Machine (MINION) and the Big Red Machine (KANE) are the two heavy hitters of the Time Bandits.  When pure physical aggression is called the for 'Bandits turn to these two.




Tetris & Taurus

The red skinned demon is the closest friend of the Queen of Gar, Tetris Bloodaxe.  The pair are all but inseparable.  With Tetris's skill and Taurus's strength the pair also make formidable combatants in the fight against not only the other Kingdoms of Gar, but against the Galactic Empire.



Dax & Savant

General Cassandra Lane, aka. DAX, is leader of the Rebel Alliances Team 7.  The Rebel General is always in the company of her close friend, the Coda Warrior Savant.  Together the two have caused the Empire innumerable setbacks.



Bail Ohmar & Bantha-Man

The story goes that Bail Ohmar saved Bantha-Man after the Empire slaughtered the Tusken's tribe and killed his loyal Bantha.  The pair are not seen together all that often nowadays, but Bantha-Man remains Bail Ohmar's only true friend.



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