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Agents of the Rebel Alliance

When the Empire destroyed the peaceful planet Alderaan they expected the galaxy would cower in fear.  Instead more worlds rose up against their evil. Unusual alliances were made.  A princess and a smuggler, a senator and a pirate.  Member of the Rebel Alliance come from all walks of life.  Some are strong supporters of the Old Republic.  Others believe in the Jedi, freedom and justice.  While some are simply out for revenge for the suffering the Empire has caused them.


for detailed descriptions of Allied Military High Command See Rebel Sourcebook by WEG

Warriors of Gar Fragments from the Rim
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Rebel Alliance Ranks Stargate Project 
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Commander in Chief

Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma is the Commander in Chief of the Rebel Alliance.  All decisions at the highest level of Alliance High Commander are made with her approval.  Mon Mothma has had little to no contact with the Warriors of Gar.

D20 stats - Rebel Era Sourcebook page 137

D6 stats- Trilogy Sourcebook page 21



Minister of War


The Warriors of Gar Minister of War is Snowy.  Snowy is a mysterious alien believed to come from another galaxy, but has the trust and full support of Mon Mothma and the Alliance High Command.  Snowy is an alien with amazing strength and an amazing mind.  When he first came to this galaxy, he made the mistake of joining the Empire.  His strength and wisdom was unknown to the Imperials and he became a Stormtrooper captain in the Cold Assault division, earning him nickname of Snowy.  When Snowy learned of the horrors of the Empire he defected to the Rebel Alliance.  He often still wears an Imperial Snowtrooper uniform, just to remind himself of the big mistake he nearly made.

Under the mask Snowy appears as a middle aged human with long white hair and beard.  He is a friendly man and very intelligent, especially with technology. 




Chief of State


The Chief of State is the go between between the Commander in Chief and Supreme Allied Commanders.


Sector Command

General Hans Giger

General Giger is an aged man who served as a General in the Old Republic.  He had long been retired living on a small world in the Outer rim when the Rebel alliance sought him out.  He had no idea the Empire had become so evil.  He agreed to join the Rebel Alliance and offer his vast military experience.  General Giger has been given command of the Warriors of Gar and




Special Force Command

General Madine

D20 stats & capsule - Rebel Era Sourcebook page 137

D6 stats & capsule - Trilogy Sourcebook page 20


Fleet Command

Admiral Ackbar

D20 stats & capsule - Rebel Era Sourcebook page 137

D6 stats & capsule - Trilogy Sourcebook page 8




High-Admiral Minhg

Character Type Retired Admiral
Race Vaxumi / Klaa *
Age 60
Quote "You never know the fucking answer when it's important!"
Player ID Ugavine

* Vaxumi is my home-brew version of Star Treks Vulcans, with Klaa being Klingons.  Because of this it is very doubtful I will write-up these races.

"Right.  Oh the tedious who am I.  I am Minhg.  I am Vice-Admiral and it is my duty to keep the Alliance fleet together.  Pah, Imperial Grand Admirals.  They have no imagination or flair in their tactics.  Give me a crew that will follow my orders without question and I will give you a victory."

Blaster 7D Alien Races 3D Starship Gunnery 4D+1
Brawl Parry 6D Bureaucracy 6D Starship Piloting 6D+1
Dodge 6D Languages 3D    
Slight of hand 7D Streetwise 5D    
Thrown weapons: Knife 6D+2 Survival 3D+1    
    Technology 4D    
    Starship Tactics 5D    
Bargain 4D+1 Brawl 6D Computers 3D
Command 12D Stamina 4D+1 Security 4D+1
Gambling 5D        

Force Points: 3

Dark Side Points: 1

Equipment: Hold-out blaster, heavy blaster, light armour, knife, smoke grenade, thermal detonator, comlink

Capsule:  Minhg was a joke amongst his people.  A half breed of the strong warrior Klaa (think Klingon) and the spiritual Vaxumi (think Vulcan).  He attained a rank in the Klaa military, but high rank was impossible for what he was.  Minhg was given special command of the proto-type starship, the Firestar, to explore the unknown regions (space beyond the Klaa sector).  Minhg's crew were mostly military rejects, and some exiled criminals.  Minhg took the Firestar and his crew and left.  Minhg joined forces with Phoenix, a pirate group in the employ of Jabba the Hutt.  Minhg was not happy when the mutant creature known as Drangal took command of Phoenix, something Minhg himself was planning.  However, Minhgs conscience was starting to get the better of him, and he dropped his pirate career.  Minhg ended up in the Tapani Sector, and in the employ of House Pelagia.  Minhg was first a captain, and then promoted to the rank of Admiral.  With the Galactic civil war was growing Minhg retired his commission and took the Firestar, along with some loyal crew, and became a Rebel Privateer.  Drangals destructive path continued and brought him into conflict with the rebellion and Minhg.  In a mighty space battle the starship Phoenix battled the Firestar in orbit of the Jackal sun.  The Firestar was devastated, Drangal was winning.  Then Minhg turned the tides.  He turned the Firestar fight at the Phoenix and rammed her at full speed.  Minhg and, miraculously, most of his crew escaped.  Drangal was trapped in the tangled wreck of the two ships that plummeted into the sun.  Minhg left the Alliance that day, preferring a quiet life, and moved back to Pelagia where his title of Admiral still held some privileges.  Then her got a message from an old contact, Astra Xeen.  Astra was running, unsuccessfully, a small Bounty Hunter Guild and needed help.  Minhg agreed and has become Guild Master of Guild Xeen, while still occasionally spending time in the Tapani Sector.

Force powers: Absorb/Dissipate energy, accelerate healing *, contort/escape, control pain *, control disease *, detoxify poison *, remain conscious *, resist stun, injure/kill, inflict pain, farseeing, receptive telepathy, projective telepathy.

* includes in another.

Proximity - Minhg must ALWAYS be touching where proximity  affects difficulty and can not learn telekinesis.

Neck Pinch: Brawl to hit - roll Control vs. Opponents Perc/Control.  Effect:  Opponent Stunned.

Quirks / Odd abilities: really good at board games, knows how to swear in over 100 languages.




Rebel Alliance Identification card
example: Ivan Darkhammer


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"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are match for a good blaster at your side!"

- Han Solo


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