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Update 11/01/2017

Recent gaming - Heroclix, Eclipse & Star Wars Armada



Deadpool & X-(Liefield sucks) Force Heroclix due March 2017

Play-testing of the new STAR TREK RPG starts now

Update 03/12/2016

Heroclix Joker's Wild!

Update 27/11/2016

Heroclix Joker's Wild! pre-release at Waylands Forge

Update 11/11/2016

  STAR WARS - Episode IV - Strike Force: Shantipole

Update 06/11/2016

Recent gaming

Thunderbirds Board Game

Update 02/11/2016



Update 08/10/2016

    Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu @ Stourbridge Wargamers


Gaming, gaming and gaming

Steampunk Rally
A great game.  And I've gone two for two, so I'm obviously biased.

Firefly - Love the series, love the game


Black Fleet - great pirate fun


Star Wars X-Wing - The Lambda Class Shuttle is quickly becoming one of my favourite ships




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