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Imperial Star-Gate Command

The Empire came into the possession of a StarGate at roughly the same time the Rebel Alliance did.  The Empire has given the running of the StarGate project to Captain Canthar Lox, a rather charming man who knows how to get the job done.  

The Empire does not put too much importance into the StarGate project, certainly not as much as the Rebel Alliance does.  The Empire must have by now encountered the Goa'uld, but it would seem they do not see them as a threat.  Another example of the Empires lackluster attitude towards the StarGate is the fact they have assigned to the project several alien officers.  It is these sort of non-visual projects the Empire gives to its alien supporters.

The exact mission parameters of the ISGC is not yet known, though it is suspected that they seek whatever technology they can to create yet more weapons of terror and destruction.


I.S.G.C. Special Operation Company


Troops 152
Logistics 8
Technical 11
Medical 4
Stormtroopers 24

 plus additional support droids and vehicles



I.S.G. Command


Sub-Captain rank


Officer Duties
Captain Canthar Lox I.S.G.C.
SC-1 Lieutenant Shantel Company Lt.
SC-2 Lieutenant Sissak Logistics
SC-3 Lieutenant Maria Medical
SC-4 Lieutenant Jasper One-Eye Technical
2nd Lieutenant Cole Stone Pilot
Sergeant Wolfsbane Pathfinder

Stormtroopers - There are 24 Stormtroopers who have their own command structure independent to the ISGC.  The Stormtrooper Captain answers to Captain Lox, or the highest ranked officer in his absence.  The Stromtrooper Captain will not answer to anyone below SC-4 and will always demand his orders from the highest ranked officer available.  Authorisation for the Stormtrooper devision to transfer their duties must come from Stormtrooper command and not from the regular army, regardless of rank.


GM notes: Although this setup is that of the Warriors of Gar Imperial StarGate team these characters could very well be used in any Imperial Special Operation team.



General Em'Tsar

Character Type Imperial Officer
Rank General
Race Human
Age 54
Quote "I hope I can be assured of your co-operation."
GM ID Ugavine

"I have been assured by the Emperor himself that I have the full co-operation of the ISG.  I expect my orders to be followed explicitly, and without question.  Any complaints you may take up personally with the Emperor."

Capsule: For a long time it was believed that Captain Lox ran the ISG.  Recently it has come to light that General Em'Tsar has has taken direct control of the Imperial Stargate operation.  The General has brought excellent results in his short tenure in charge of the ISG.



Captain Canthar Lox

Character Type Imperial Officer
Rank Captain
Race Human
Age 34
Quote "Good day.  I'm afraid I will have to have you tortured now.  Terribly sorry, I do apologise for the pain you will be experiencing."
GM ID Ugavine

"Good day fellow citizens of the Empire.  It is really nice of you to allow me into your home.  The Empire is here, as am I, to protect and serve, as decreed in the Emperors NEW ORDER.  Yes I know I may have to kill a few of your friends who have betrayed the Empire, but I do this for you.  I pass on my condolences.  Those who rebel against the New Order will have to answer to the Empire, which may mean agonising torture, for which I am again very sorry."

Blaster 7D Alien Races 5D Astrogation 4D
Dodge 7D Bureaucracy 7D Starship Piloting 5D
Brawl Parry 6D Streetwise 4D+2 Starship Gunnery 5D
Heavy Weapons 6D Survival 5D Repulsorlift Op 5D
Melee 5D Technology 5D Ground Vehicle Op. 4D
Melee Parry 7D        
Bargain 5D+2 Brawl 3D+2 Computers Prog/Rep 4D
Command 6D Climb/Jump 4D Security 5D
Gambling 4D+2 Stamina 5D First Aid 3D+2
Persuasion 7D        
Charm 7D        
Intimidation 4D+1        
Interrogation 6D        
Willpower 6D        

Force Points: 2

Equipment: Heavy blaster, comlink, medpac, 2000 credits

Capsule:  Captain Canthar Lox immediately got himself a nickname form the Rebel SGC team who encountered him.  The Suit.  Canthar Lox is a charming good looking man.  He makes the imperial uniform he wears look as if it were tailored to fit.  He the most pleasant man to talk to.  He offers nothing but praise, and if he does have one niggling habit it is his tendency to over-apologise.  Behind his charming personality is a man dedicated to his Imperial service.  His record is exemplary and his loyalty unquestioned.  He had his own parents investigated by ISB when he discovered his father had failed to pay import duty on a bottle of wine he brought back after a business trip to Corellia.  Again he apologised to his parents.   Moving through the ranks Canthar Lox has been transferred to ISB and promoted to Captain.  He has been placed in command of the Stargate project.  The Rebels mocked when they learnt that a Captain was in command, and not a General, but the Empire does not see the Stargate as importantly are the Rebel Alliance does.  Lox has a company at his Command with an addition squad of Stormtroopers.



Lt. Maria

Character Type Medical Officer
Rank Medical Lieutenant
Race Twi'lek
Age 27
Quote "Let me give you something for the pain."
GM ID Ugavine

"Die wanna wanga.  I am Lt. Maria, medical officer.  Despite what many think, not all non-humans are against the Empire.  The Empire can bring peace.  It has certainly brought order.  I believe in the freedom that the Empire can offer."

Blaster 5D Alien Races 5D Astrogation 3D
Dodge 6D Bureaucracy 4D+1 Starship Piloting 4D
Brawl Parry 5D Streetwise 6D Starship Gunnery 4D
Running 5D Survival 6D Beast Riding 4D+2
    Technology 6D+2    
Bargain 5D Stamina 7D Computers Prog/Rep 5D
Command 6D     Security 6D
        First Aid 6D
        (A) Medicine 2D

Force Points: 1

Equipment: Blaster pistol, comlink, 3 medpacs, 300 credits

Capsule:  There is not too much to tell from the past of Maria.  She was sold into slavery at an early age.  Yet despite the Empires slavery and anti-alien laws she holds them no resentment.  Through her slavery she has shown loyalty to the Empire, so much that she was given basic military training and taught to be a field doctor.  She is now assigned to the ISG where she serves as field officer holding the honoury rank of Lieutenant.



Lt. Shantel

Character Type Imperial Officer
Rank Company Lieutenant
Race Falleen
Age 120
Quote "I'll have to report that to the Captain."
GM ID Ugavine

"I do not give interviews.  If you persist I am sure I can find some Imperial law that will send you to Kessell."

Capsule:  When the Empire rose to power Shantel chose her side.  She worked for many years undercover, and has even provided Lord Vader with sought after information on the Black Sun leader, Prince Xizor.  She is proud of her heritage, and looks back at the Falleen incident as unavoidable, not holding any grudge against Darth Vader like Xizor does.   There is an air of arrogance about Shantel.  She will speak freely with other officers, of equal rank or higher, or with people of Noble birth, with House Pelagia of Tapani an exception.  Everyone else, commoners and lower ranks, she sees as below her status and not worth bothering with.  Shantel does hold one grudge though, and it is the reason she has manipulated events to get transferred onto the ISG, and that is against SG-7 team member Lt. Page.   Page has presumably no idea why.




Lt. Sissak

Character Type Imperial Officer
Rank Logistics Lieutenant
Race Quarren
Age 40
Quote "The Rebel Alliance will pay for what they have do to my people."
GM ID Ugavine

"Lt. Sissak, sir.  I am the ISG logistics officer.  I serve the Empire so that one day I may serve my people in an uprising against the traitorous Mon Cal.  They sold out our homeworld to the Alliance.  It's always about THEM, the Mon Cal.  Never do my people get to have a say in planetary affairs.  They will one day.  And that will be the day the Mon Cal are wiped from Calamari."

Capsule: Like most Quarren Sissak has a hatred of his planetary kinfolk the Mon Cal.  Unlike other Quarren Sissak is trying to do something about it.  He has given all the information he can to ISB on the Mon Cal and undergone many undercover missions on his homeworld.   When he was younger Sissak served as Quarren deputy-Senator, but planetary affairs were always ruled by the Mon Cal, bnever the Quarren.  Sissak hopes that one day he will be able to back to his political career and lead his people against the Quarren and claim Mon Calamari in the name of the Empire. 



Sub-Lt. Cole Stone 

Status: POW

Character Type Imperial Pilot
Rank sub-lieutenant (suspended)
Race Human
Age 35
Quote "What?!!!"
GM ID Ugavine

"Oh you want Stone to give you a little background info?  What?!  You want me to tell you all about myself?  What?!  You want me to bitch and cry about the Rebel alliance, ah-ahhh!  You see, Cole Stone doesn't do things that way.  Stone doesn't take orders.  I do what I want, how I want, when I want to do it!  And that's the bottom line, cuz' Cole Stone said so!!!"

Capsule: Stone has never been a well liked person in the Empire.  His beer drinking often led to fights when he was at the academy.  In fact his tutor predicted that Stone was more likely to become a Dool fighter than an Imperial Officer.  There was one thing he was good at though, flying ships.  On the day he graduated from the academy he dropped the Stunner on his tutor, who he always though was a dumb sonovabitch, and celebrated with a few beers before spending 2 months in jail for assault.   On his release Stone was given his wings and assigned to local duty based on a Garrison somewhere in the Mid Rim.  Shortly after he spend several tours moving from one Star Destroyer to another.  No Captain wanted the abuse Stone in their command and eventually he ended up in the 151st, the dregs of the flight core.  That was until Baron Fel took over and turned them into the empires best fighting unit.  It wasn't long though before Stone was pulled from the 151st, this time by Lira Vex of ISB.  Vex, a dark side adept, working closely for Lord Darth Vader, needed a good pilot for her team.  Most Imperial pilots were too straight laced.  She needed someone with attitude.  Stone was her man.  Stone served Lira Vex for a couple years before Lira Vex was declared traitor and fled.  Stone was with Lira at that time on the planet Gar.  When the order came for Liras' arrest the person Lira ran into was Stone.   Stone didn't know if Lira had betrayed the Empire, but this was Cole Stone, and he didn't give a banthas ass.  He let Lira go.   With Lira Vex's team no more Stone was shifted aside until the ISGC came along.  Canthar Lox looked at Stones record.  The ISGC was very similar to Vex's team.  They were the roughnecks of the Empire, and someone with Stones attitude would be perfect.

Stone was unfortunately captured on a mission to an alien world.  The Rebel StarGate team arrived just as Stone was making his escape.  The Rebels have taken Stone prisoner, although they were unsure of his or Lira's loyalties to one another considering Lira Vex now works for the Rebel SGC.  Stone is still currently a prisoner of the SGC.



Lt. Jasper One-Eye

Character Type Tech Specialist
Rank Technical Lieutenant
Race Human Cyborg
Age 40
Quote "If I give 'er any more she'll blow cap'tn!"
GM ID Ugavine


Capsule: To follow



Sgt. Wolfsbane

Character Type Pathfinder
Rank Sergeant
Race Shivstavan
Age 30
Quote "They can this way."
GM ID Ugavine


Capsule: To follow



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