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Welcome to Grim's world of perilous adventure


Alcohol in the Old World

by Grim Battleaxe

These rules are are based on the Poisons rules from the WFRP Rulebook. I did look at the rules by Andrew Shorrock found at but decided to go my own way because this version is similar to my own home-brew system I use in other RPG’s. This is nothing against Andrew’s fine work and I will probably be using his behavior table.

How it works

The character must make a T x 10 test for every tankard of alcohol they consume beyond the total of their Toughness. i.e. a PC with T:3 may consume 3 tankards before making a Test.

Every test after the first is at -5% per roll.

Consume Alcohol Skill

Any character with this skill may consume their T x 2 before making a Test and do not use the -5% multiple drink modifier. They also get a +10% modifier to their roll.


Each of the following drinks has a Test Modifier dependant on the strength of the brew.

Drink  Type  Test Modifier  Cost
Strongarm Cider  cider 0% 10d
Dark Dwarf Brew ale 0% 9d
Middenheim Mild ale +10% 7d
Dragon Brew ale 0% 9d
Giddy Goblin ale -15% 12d
Bloody Warhammer ale -10% 9d
Reikland Whiskey whiskey -10% 30d or 10/- per bottle
Templar's Tipple wine +10% 20d or 4/- per bottle
Chaos Bringer liquer 0% 30d or 10/- per bottle
Loren Whisper wine +5% 100d or 15/- per bottle
Altdorf's finest wine +5% 1/- or 25/- per bottle

For every failed Test all of the characters skills are at -10%.

GM may wish to roll on the BEHAVIOUR CHART by Andrew Shorrock found at


If a characters DEX falls to zero they are literally legless and can not walk.

Once a characters WP falls to zero they fall unconscious for 1D4 +4 hours. They regain their skills at +10% per hour once conscious. Taking a dose of Trinkwort will half the characters recovery time i.e. Recover +20% skills per hour.


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