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An ingenious invention. This three wheeled steam powered monster gives Dwarfs a fast mode of transport. It is often used by scouts or by messengers, but the always resourceful Dwarfs have occasionally used them in combat. The trikes offer little room for any cargo other than a backpack and weapon of choice. Although the trike is not equipped with any weapons, the warrior riding it will often wield a ball and chain to swing at goblin hordes as he rides past. The ride is far from smooth even on the best of roads so some skill is required to operate it.

10 3 4 4

Character with Steam-Trike Skill need make no test to ride, but a Dex +10 is required for any tricky actions.

Unskilled characters must roll Dex to ride and Dex -10 to perform tricky actions. Larger than dwarf characters suffer a further -10 to all Dex checks due to being oversized. Characters over 6' are too big!


Swinging a weapon at an opponent is possible provided the character has a spare action. Half the Trikes current speed is added to the damage. The attack is at -10. Bows may not be fired while riding and crossbows can not be re-loaded.


Ramming causes the Trikes S + half current M damage. Non-magical Armour has no effect against this damage, and only full magic armour will protect against damage. A successful Dex is required to hit. Opponent may attempt to dodge the oncoming Trike by making a test against I. This counts as an action and will leave them prone for the rest of the round - so they could be in trouble if the Trike rider is also swinging a Warhammer. If a ramming is successful then the Trike will receive damage = opponents Strength.

If Hit

There is a 50% chance an attack will hit the Trike. When reduced to 0 wounds the Trike will crash causing its rider damage at S 3 (no armour*). There is also a 20% chance the steam tank will explode causing S 4 damage (no armour*) to all within a 5 meter radius.

* full magic-armour give protection, not including shields.

Provided the steam tank didn't explode there is always the chance that the Trike can be repaired after the battle.


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