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Welcome to Grim's world of perilous adventure


Pact with a Demon


Grim Battleaxe


You'll have to give me some liberty here but I am new to the world of Warhammer. I originally designed this adventure for not too powerful characters. Maybe characters with only one career change. I know there are two greater demons in this adventure but then again they are not really meant to have a proper fight.

Overview: Players get involved in a plot by a greater demon to destroy another greater demon. During the adventure they also get accosted by Knights on a quest to destroy all demons and their servants (PC's). Plus an opportunist Demonologist attempting to control the demons to do his own foul bidding.

The NPC's (stats at the bottom)

Knights of the Order of Ulric

Kull-Raa (Dark-Elf Demonologist)

Gunthruzz (Demon 'hiring' pc's)

Thunfzaar (Demon hired to kill)

Tallon Noble (Witch-Hunter after Kull-Raa)

Carthull (the Demonologist that summoned the demons)

Steiner (Cleric of the Order of Ulric)

Soldiers serving the knights


Sword of Banishment

This is the Sword the characters must get to kill the Demons. It's a very powerful magic item when fighting demons (it needs to be!). When fighting a Demon the blade shines brightly and gives:- I +30, WS +30

It will slay any Lesser Demon immediately if a successful hit is made, and cause Damage +5 vs. any Greater Demon.

It acts as a normal non-magical weapon against non-demons and cannot be used to slay undead.

If Gunthruzz posses this sword he will own one of the few weapons that can destroy him.


Episode 1. The Offer

A messenger offers characters (probably sitting in a bar) great wealth to go on an errand to retrieve a magical sword.

The messengers name is Dan Reiss and is but a peasant with basic human attributes. He is unarmed and carries 2 GC's for expenses.

Characters travel by whatever means to a dilapidated hilltop fortress. This was once the home of the Wizard Carthull.

Inside Gunthruzz awaits (usual TERROR tests apply).

Once the usual insults from players have died down and Gunthruzz has knocked aside any players brave enough to charge him, he offers the characters a deal.

Note: He will not tell characters his name unless they trick him or persuade him someway. Any tests at -20.

"I seek help from mortals like yourselves", says the demon. "You value these?" he asks dropping jewels worth over 100GC's on the floor.

The explanation:-

"I was summoned to this realm along with my arch-rival Thunfzaar. The sorcerer who summoned us, Carthull, was an incompetent fool, but bound us to this plane. He paid for his mistake with his life and soul."

"I will not live in this realm with the knowledge that Thunfzaar is here too."

(players may have heard rumours of a demon attacking several villages near the borders of the Empire)

"There is a sword. Kept in a temple of Ulric that I can not enter, not far from Middenheim that was forged only to banish Thunfzaar. Fetch me that sword and I shall reward you well."


Episode 2. By day and by Knight

Characters meet up with three Knights. The knights will challenge the players, first to see if they will end this quest and return with them to slay the demons.

If YES - players meet with the other two knights and the cleric Steiner.

If NO - players may be in for some combat. The knights are not ready to kill the players yet so will fight for 3 rounds and then retreat.

3. Temple of Ulric

Guarded by Two knights wearing the same armour as those they met on the road. The sword has already been removed by the Knights. If characters question the cleric about the sword he will indeed tell them who has it. He also reveals that the sword was not forged just to kill Thunfzaar, but to slay any demon. He tells the players the other demon is known as Gunthruzz.

The cleric may mention that the demon Thunfzaar is the one who has been doing the killing. However, old texts show Gunthruzz to be very fierce and unforgiving. Gunthruzz no doubt wants Thunfzaar out of the way so he can have more souls for himself.

If characters try any heavy handedness at the temple the guards will be very unforgiving.


Episode 4. Demon Lore

When clear of the temple the characters notice they are being observed by someone. This is Kull-Raa, a Dark Elf Demonologist who wishes to control the two demons, but says he only wishes to send them back to their own realm, starting with Gunthruzz.

Note: Any Elves in the party should be unhappy with any alliance made with a Dark Elf, let alone a Demonologist.

He offers to enchant characters weapons and person if they help him. (He can not actually do this)

"My friends please. You only have to look at my decaying body to see what this profession has done to me. Give me a chance to repent my sins. Give me the chance to rid this world of the demons that fuelled my obsession that cursed me so."

Characters may want to tell if he is lying. Have characters roll their FELLOWSHIP with the following modifiers:-

Elves Fel - 30

Dwarves Fel -20

Any Wizards Fel -20

Results of failing:-

Humans & Halflings - See no reason to not to believe.

Elves, Dwarves & Wizards - will believe he is lying.

Successful Fellowship detects treachery and half-truths.

While travelling with Kull-Raa the group get attacked by Tallon Noble who has been tracking the Demonologist. Tallon Noble is accompanied by some light help who players should be able to defeat without too much of a problem.

Noble himself will only flee if none of his men are still standing.

If he does flee he can be brought in at any stage later believing player characters to be in league with the demonologist.


Episode 5. Return Knight

Once more the characters meet up with the Knights of the Order Of Ulric. This time they meet all 5 knights, their cleric and 10 soldiers. (I weighed this a bit to coax players not to fight)

The knights demand the players hand over Kull-Raa and give up their quest.

There needs to be some persuasion here. The characters should now want to help the knights after leaning that the sword will slay both demons. Kull-Raa still proclaims his desire to repent.

Once the players agree to join the knights:

The leader of the Knights of the Order of Ulric draws a sword. It's hilt is wooden, carved with powerful runes and enchantments. It's blade shines like no other.

Suddenly, there is an unearthly roar. Rampaging towards the knights is a berserk demon. Thunfzaar. It is as if the knight knew it was coming.

This is the tough combat scene of the adventure so players had better watch out. The head of the knights should get killed though giving on of the players the opportunity to pick up the Sword Of Banishment. The other knights will let the player keep hold of it only if they use it to kill Thunfzaar.

"Thunfzaar is no more," proclaims one of the knights. "Now to rid our world of the treacherous spawn of evil, Gunthruzz."


Episode 6. To the Death

Gunthruzz isn't as stupid as the players and the knights may believe. The castle ruins is a trap. Once inside the ground begins to shake and the walls collapse. Boulders small and large pummel the characters and the knights.

Have characters roll their DEXTERITY -10 (because of the ground shaking) to avoid the falling stone. Any characters hit receive 1D4 wounds at 1D6 Strength.

DEXTERITY will have to be rolled every round for 10 rounds while characters remain inside the ruins. At which point the ground opens up to an infinite vortex dropping anyone still in the ruins into oblivion unless they can think of any way out - like exceptional feats of jumping.

Outside the castle Gunthruzz awaits. (Remember TERROR checks)

He will attack any and all opponents he can.

While the fighting has been going on Kull-Raa has been chanting. After 2 rounds magical energies stream, from his fingertips.

"Get back," he calls. Gunthruzz seems dazed.

"I have him! I have him!" Calls out Kull-Raa with joy.

"Now my demonic servant. Your will is mine," says Kull-Raa. "Kill them all."

Players will now see that they have been duped. Indeed Gunthruzz is under Kull-Raa's power, but his binding to the material plane has been severed. As the players probably don't have the numbers like when they attacked Thunfzaar attacking Gunthruzz is dangerous even with the sword of banishment.

Any astute players may realise this. If not roll Intelligence's at -10. The answer is to kill Kull-Raa. This will send Gunthruzz back to his demonic home. Once Gunthruzz is gone the vortex will close.

There is one more threat. Dan Reiss (the messenger from the beginning of the adventure) attacks the most powerful character (probably the one wielding the Sword of Banishment) with a magic poisoned dagger. If hit character must make a test vs. poison or die instantly!

What if players throw Kull-Raa into the vortex?

In that case Kull-Raa isn't immediately killed, but will be cut off from normal world. Gunthruzz, still being bound to a mortal bellows a last mighty roar before turning to stone. An character touching the statue receive Strength 7 damage irrespective of armour! Characters may want to put some sort of warning about the statue. Any surviving knights will suggest building a magically sealed tomb around Gunthruzz.


If Cleric of Ulric asks for the sword of banishment back, but will offer one character his dagger. It acts as a normal weapon but does double damage verse demons.

Players may be able find some of the jewels Gunthruzz promised scattered around - 5D20+20 GCs.

Award 200 EP modified by individual characters actions.



Knights of the Order of Ulric

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel

4 65 70 4 4 12 55 3 40 40 36 60 45 36

SKILLS: Disarm, Dodge Blow, Read/Write, Ride horse, Strike mighty blow, Strike to stun

EQUIPMENT: Axe, Shield, Symbol of Ulric, Warhorse



These are the names I used for the knights: Ivan Strongarm, Julius Bellows, Victor Holloway, Sebastian Shaw, Dirk Dublin.


Soldiers serving the Order of Ulric

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel

4 40 40 3 3 6 40 2 40 30 30 40 30 30

Give these soldiers relevant skills to suit yourself.


Steiner (Cleric of the Order of Ulric)

His skills don't really come into play so I didn't think any up basically. Plus I've never had a cleric in any of my adventures before so don't really know the rules for running them.


One thing is for certain. He does have the Magic spell - Enchant Weapon. The knights general weapons are not magical so this is how they are able to slay demons.


Kull-Raa (Dark-Elf Demonologist)

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel

4 41 34 2 2 7 60 1 66 43 43 66 43 43

Cast spells BM level 1

Identify plants

Magic Sense

Rune Lore

Scroll Lore

Arcane language - Demonology

Cast Spells Demonic BM levels 1, 2 & 3

Demon Lore


Sword, 10D6 GC, Potion of disguise x 2 *, Wizards Staff

* How else did a Dark Elf travel this far unhindered. The potion is not labelled so don't tell the players what it is right away.


Gunthruzz & Thunfzaar

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel

6 90 93 7 7 59 100 10 89 89 89 89 89 89


Tallon Noble (Witch-Hunter after Kull-Raa)

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel

4 65 60 3 3 9 55 2 40 40 36 45 60 30

Marksmanship, Public Speaking, Silent Move Rural, Silent Move Urban, Sixth Sense, Special weapon - Net, Special Weapon - Lasso, Special Weapon - Crossbow pistol, Special Weapon - Throwing weapon, Strike mighty blow

Full Plate Armour (+1), 4 throwing knives, Rope, Pistol Crossbow, Mace


Carthull (the Demonologist that summoned the demons)

This guy is dead already!


May Sigmars Hammer be with you...

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