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Old World Games

Traditions come and traditions go. One of the latest, for around five years is that of the Old World Games. Contestants travel from throughout the Old World to compete in this week long festival.  Beside the week long eating, drinking and being merry are several contests.  Although competitive these contests are in good heart and taken as simply a bit of fun.


Hammer throwing

Character who throws the farthest wins. 3 attempts.

Competitors use either their great strength or a combination of strength and technique.

Roll S x10 or (S x10 + Dex) / 2



A character is given three arrows to score as high as possible.  This contest is usually in heats.  Contestants compete in a knockout to get to the final.

There are usually several heats, and it is rare for a non-Elf to win.

Roll BS.  

The score is calculated by subtracting each successful roll from 100.  These scores are added together towards the characters grand total.

Highest Scores go through to the next heat.



Characters compete through several heats to try an pin their opponent.

Competitors are disqualified if caught inflicting harm (ie. using Grim's WWF moves)


Barrel jumping

Usually held in a muddy field to make it more tricky.

Whoever jumps the most barrels wins. 3 attempts with choice of how many barrels they attempt.

Roll M x10.

6 barrels no difficulty modifier

Difficulty -5 per extra barrel.



Characters balance on a pole over a river and duel until someone falls in.

Roll WS -5.

If hit character receives damage and must make a successful Dex roll to keep balance.  If hit a Character must still make the Dex check or fall in.  The aim of this contest is to knock your opponent off, not to beat them to a bloody pulp.  Again, the polearm contest is over several heats.  



A simple display of skill marked by a panel of judges.

Roll Dex.  GM discretion on how he scores this.  Grim suggests whoever makes the most successful rolls wins.


Chariot Race

Usually the last and most exciting event is the final of the Chariot races.

Characters must have the Drive Cart skill.



Game are released for the contestant to shoot. More birds, more points.

Roll BS 10 shots. Most hits wins. On a tie there is a shoot out ie. Next to hit.



Several breadths of a local river.


Strong Man

Who ever can lift the most weight wins.

There are usually several categories, one for each race.

Roll S x10

-5 for every additional weight added.



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