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The Medusa is an ancient an rare creature. Some say that a all existing Medusa are the spawn of an outcast goddess. And in retribution for being spurned she sent her children into the world to curse the men of the Old World. Others more accurately believe they are all that remains of Witch's who have been cursed (or blessed) by Chaos.

A Medusa is a serpent with a human female torso. Topping the Medusa's head is not hair, but many writhing snakes. And a Medusa is a powerful foe. Although much of the memories and intelligence of the Witch is lost, the Medusa can still use many of the spells that she previously knew. But the greatest power is that of turning man or beast to stone by simply meeting their stare. And no one has yet found a solution to this curse. A Medusa's lair, usually in a cave or fallen castle's remains, will have what appears to be many stone statue's which are in fact poor adventurer's that fell victim to the creatures cold eye's.

Combat with Medusa

The only way to effectively kill a Medusa is to chop off their head. Failing that they will in time heal even the most severe of wounds.

You must not ever, not even for a second, look at the Medusa.

Those whose eyes are not physically covered (e.g.. By a scarf) must make a Willpower check.

If this is failed the character instantly turns to stone.

The statue has the Wounds and Toughness (+2) of the character for damage purposes.

Combat is at -40% due to blind fighting.

All damage is at -2

If a critical hit is made (double below WS) there is a chance that the Medusa has been decapitated. Roll 1D4. If the Medusa takes this many wounds from this attack then she is slain. Beware, the Medusa's power does not die though.

The head of a Medusa is a special prize, one that can bring much gold, for it is said that the powers of the Medusa continue after the creature has been slain. This is partly true. The head of the Medusa may be used to turn aggressors to stone. It may be used 1D12 times.

Recovering the head in the first place though requires another Willpower check as the character may be tempted to look around for his prize. This may be dropped at GM discretion if the player states that they are NOT going to look at it.

The cruel GM: Now it's best to let characters know that they are up against a Medusa unless you want to turn one or more of them to stone. Maybe the adventure is finding the cure?

Something you could do though is find a picture of a Medusa (Elfwood or a 'Clash of the Titans' web site) and put the picture face down in the centre of the group. The player who picks it up, well, they have just looked at the Medusa, their character turns to stone.

4 33 18 4 3 11 30 2 14 5 12 40 60 -

Combat: A Medusa may strike with claws or use a club or sword. Medusa have no WS penalty for unarmed combat

Skills: Variable with possible a few minor spells, usually witch or illusionist.


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