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Wrestling in The Old World

(or WWF, Warhammer Wrestling Federation!!)

An art and a sport practised thoughout the Old World. Wrestling is the skill of grappling and holding an opponent without really causing them any harm.

As per the WFRP Rulebook, the PC must first have the Wrestling skill

How it works

The PC must make a WS test without the -20% modifier.

If successful the opponent must make a DEX test or they have been grappled.

So now what?

Hold - as the WFRP rulebook, both opponents must make a Strength test each round.

What if the attacker now wants to inflict some injury, well the victim is prone and can not parry or retaliate. Sure the attacker can simply add pressure to the opponent. But why be boring and stop there.

It's down to GM discretion if you want to let the PC choose their move.

Alternately the move could be randomised. Wrestling is fast and you can't go for your favourite move every time. In that case use the following chart.

Roll 1D8  
1 Chokeslam
3 Suplex
4 Bulldog
5 Piledriver
6 Neckbreaker
7 Pedigree
8 Powerbomb

An extra test is required (usually Dex or Strength for lifting) for the move to succeed. This extra Test roll is counted as an action so characters with only one action will have to perform the move over two rounds. If this test is failed then the opponent may make a DEX test to break the grapple.

Once a character performs one of these moves the hold is broken.


Chokeslam *

Damage +1 (only padded armour [Body] gives protection)

Test Strength -10%

Grab opponent by the throat. Lift them up and slam them to the floor onto their back!



Damage +0 (no armour)

Test Dex +10%

Grab opponent around the neck then fall to the floor ramming them head first into the ground.


Suplex *

Damage -2 (only padded armour [Body] gives protection)

Test Lifting +5%

Once grappled the attacker falls backwards throwing opponent over his head so they land on their back.


Bulldog *

Damage -2 (no armour)

Test Dex +20%

Grab opponent around the throat. Run then drop to the floor pushing opponents face into the ground.


Piledriver *

Damage +1 (no armour)

Test Strength

Basically dropping opponent on their head!



Damage -1 (no armour)

Test Dex

Back to back with opponent with hand around their throat. Then fall to the floor snapping their neck (not literally) on your shoulder.



Damage -1 (no armour)

Test Dex +10%

Opponent bent forward with their head between your legs. Grab their arms behind their back so they can't resist, then fall to your knees ramming their face into the ground.


Powerbomb *

Damage +2 (only padded armour [Body] gives protection)

Test Strength -20%

Opponent bent forward. Your grab them by their waist, lift them high, then slam them hard on their back to the ground.


* Move may be Spiked

Spiked Move (assisted by another) Test +10%, Damage +2


Some sense is required in using these wrestling moves. A Dwarf would only be able to perform most of these moves against a similar sized opponent. And even the toughest Barbarian would still not be able to Chokeslam a Giant or an Ogre!


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