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Welcome to Grim's world of perilous adventure


Player-Characters of the Old Worlde


Character Name: Fimbar

Sex / Race: Male Dwarf

Career: Troll Slayer

Age: 49

Height:: 4' 9"

Weapons of choice: Axe

The Troll Slayer with a lisp!  This tough Troll-Slayer has indeed earned the right to be known as a Troll Slayer.  Like many of his kind, his disgrace is kept to himself and no one dare pry.  Fimbar seeks a glorious noble, a death that would be twice as glorious if that pompous arrogant Elf Dark Viper carks it at the same time!


Character Name: Hans Stotter

Sex / Race: Male Human

Career: Rustler

Age: 27

Height: 5' 6"

Weapons of choice: Sword


Character Name: Durak

Sex / Race: Male Dwarf

Career: Engineer

Age: 99

Height: 5' 1"

Weapons of choice: Axe



Character Name: Walmar Lukar

Sex / Race: Male Human

Career: Bounty Hunter

Age: 19

Height: 6' 1"

Weapons of choice: Sword



Character Name: Lord Edrinor Nikse 'The Dark Viper'

Sex / Race: Male Elf

Career: Noble

Age: 77

Height: 6' 3"

Weapons of choice: Rapier

Quote: "Ha! I laugh in the face of Chaos Daemons.  Then I run off and hide of course, I'm not totally mad!"

Edrinor is the Black Sheep of the family.  Bored with the life of a noble Edrinor, under his assumed name, The Dark Viper, has set out to seek adventure, fight the forces of chaos! and possibly meet a few fine women along the way.  Edrinor has an arrogant air about him, often insulting those he feels are below him, that's everyone!  Edrinor is not a bad man, he's just not very nice. 



Character Name: Alfred the Never Ready

Appearance: Alfred is a towering man.  He has long matted hair and beard, walks slightly hunched over and is to blame for eating all the pies.  Alfred dresses in simple robes walking with a staff.

Sex / Race: Male Human

Career: Hedge Wizard Apprentice (posing as Herbalist)

Age: 33

Height: 6' 6"

Weapons of choice: Staff / Polearm

Quote: "Ahh.. my Lord, fetch the horses, why yes my Lord I shall fetch the horses.  The horses I shall fetch for I am thou most humble and loyal servant.  It is with great, great pleasure, my honour, to fetch the horses for a most humble master as one self.  So off I go, to the stables, for it is the stables from where I shall find the horse that thou desire me to fetch..."

Dark Viper "Alfred, are you actually going to fetch the horses today or continue talking bollocks?!"

Alfred is the manservant of Lord Edrinor Nikse.  Alfred has secretly learnt the arts of magic form his father, though he keeps this as much a secret as he can.  As Hedge Wizards go he's about as mad and eccentric as they come.  He has very little concept of haste, his sentences long and drawn out with over exaggerated hand gestures. 



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