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Imperial & Fringe


Imperial & Dark Side

Fringe & Underworld 

Ajax King Alfrun Bloodaxe
Lady Ardala of Tapani House Mercetti Aphrodite, Goddess of Love
Captain Caligula Ares, God of War
Captain Canthar Lox Baron Bal'al'torr of Socorro
Chavekk Biscon
Cole Stone, 2nd Lt. Blood Emperor, Phantillios
Captain Dakker Guild Mistress Calisto
Demise Callahan
Lord Drax Death Machine
Hieuiellish Captain Drebble
Sir Humphry Garcom
Insideous Vile Heli Pond
ISB-14 Commander Joda Jax
Jasper One-Eye, Lt. Kaal'Kray'tais the Bloody
Grand Admiral Kaine Kahn
General Kaan Kanbu
Captain Kobol Kochang
Captain Kray Medusa
Laurence Sheard Nish
Lavekk King Peter the Unworthy
Lehla Dragoon Poncho
Magma, Lieutenant The Red King
Commander Malice Rees Yum
Malicious Vile Silver
Mandalorian Senator Mr. Sinister
Mandarin Spawn, Sith Master Space Cowboy
Maria, Lt. Supa Nova
Inquisitor Nexix Tye
Captain Orkon Guild Master Wraith
Grand Moff Ravikk Bloodaxe Zaltar
Captain Reinhardt Zarek Koln
The Renegade Zara
Shantel, Lt.
Silas Fel
Sissak, Lt.
Commissioner Sleer
Snowman Draygons
Sovereign Palpatinne Anthrax
Admiral Vale Armageddon
Sub-Director Vaskal Warlord Carnifex
Governor Mira Veska Emperor Drangal
Vladimir Darkhammer Duke of Draygons
Wolfsbane, Sgt. Lockjaw
Admiral Xoth Poison


Rebel & Allies

Denziens of Gar

Jedi Master Gaararriktobuck Lord High Marshall, Lord Adomar
General Hans Giger Captain of the Guard, Angus Yager
Genius Ugavine Gatekeeper, Augustus of Oldfort
Jedi Master Shada Bonjiovi
Snowy King Dargrim Lexgar
Tossk Galoo Lexgar
Vanger Dragon Guard Captain, Diotrophes
Marshall of the Stables, Gilbert Stover
Martyn son of Henry
Dungeon Warden, Hermon Fulke
Chief Steward, Hilda Ogden
Serving wench, Maria
Lord High Justice, Perceval Boswick
Lord High Chancellor, Ranulf Agar


General Troops

Imperial Troops
Rebel Troops
Knights of Gar
Soldiers of Bloodaxe
The Dragon Guard
Thugs & Grunts
Denziens of the Core


Knights of the Old Republic
Denziens of the Outer Rim COMING SOON


Characters in yellow are regular NPCs but do not yet feature on the Sithspawns Lair


It should be noted that even this extensive list of NPCs is far from exhausted.  Not included are the multitude of one-off NPCs be they pilots, general citizens, thugs, drinkers in a bar, shop-keepers, the list goes on.

Neither have I included any of the official characters from the movies, comics, books and games that have made appearances in our campaigns.  

Semi-Regular official characters include: Darth Vader, Admiral Ackbar, General Madine, General Craken, Jedi Master Arca Jeth, Jedi Master Yoda, Prince Xizor, Guri, Vigo Wumdi.

Also appearing cameo's have included: The Emperor, Admiral Ozzel, Wuher, Momaw Nadon, Princess Leia Organa, Wedge, Han Solo, Governor Tarkin, Boba Fett, Jabba the Hutt.

Numerous official RPG characters have also appeared in our campaigns.


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